Starve the Doubts Interview with James Kinson

starve banner  Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley with Jim Munchbach of, interviewed the cash car convert James Kinson! James is the cash car convert of The Cash Car Convert Podcastjames kinson

James is a public speaker, a married guy for fifteen years and a proud father. James is an expert in buying good inexpensive used cars. His mission is to help others get their own quality cash cars without carrying loads of debt.



Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The trials James faced when he was in his high school James’ turning point in life  
  • James’ story when their family got financially broke during his childhood.
  • How James rise up from all the troubles he encountered in life
  • James’ personal faith
  • What to do when people fail you 
    “People will make mistakes and let you down because they’re human. And that’s why we need a God who has grace.”
  • The advice from David Ramsey that motivated James Kinson to become a cash car convert“Sell the car and buy the beater” 


  • Want versus Needs: Look cool or get practical? man with shades
  • James answers the reason why he does what he does
  • What matters for James when it comes to life and money
  • James as an instrument of blessing
    “I am blessed to become a blessing.”
    give gifts
  • How to manage your money budget dollar bag
  • Tip for buying an affordable truck 
  • How to start communicating your ideas to the world
    -   Create your own blog my blog
    -   Write your ideas
    -   Look and follow the people in the same niche as yours Join groups, engage and interact with the people your following
    -   Join groups, engage and interact with the people your following
    -   Build relationships online and offline



“Believe in yourself. Take the steps toward your dream. Get yourself in a financial position where you can go for your dream. Don’t believe it’s too far away… Start from where you are, start making better decisions.”     

Additional Tips:

  • “Find somebody that’s doing what you want to do and emulate them.”
  • Invest in yourself not on things
  • It’s expensive to be cool be practical.


- Michael Hyatt This is Your Life Podcast
- Podcast Answer Man
- 48 Days with Dan Miller
- The Millionaire Next Door
- Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
- Cliff Ravenscraft
- Ray Edwards
- Mitch Todd
- Pat Flynn
- John Lee Dumas
- Dave Ramsey
- Rachel Cruze


Starve the Doubts Interview with Ellory Wells

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley with co-host Shey Harms from and, interviewed Ellory Wells!

Ellory is the host of Empowered Podcast and the founder of the leadership blog Ellory was a former full time employee who decided to take the step of becoming a full time entrepreneur.

Ellory’s mission is to help leaders find new leadership strategies and learn new mindsets that will equip them in empowering their teams. Ellory’s expertise are primarily about leadership and personal development. Ellory’s greatest passion is to tap the greatest potentials of every leader that are just waiting to be unleashed!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Hire a virtual assistant or your wife?
    Virtual-Assistant- cartoon
  • Have a taste of HTML in the morning
  • About Mastermind Weekend
  • The people Ellory wants to reach and empower
  • Ellory’s motivation to empower leaders and other people80 20 rule
  • John Maxwell’s 80/20 Rule
  • The re-branding of  Ellory Wells
  • The principle behind personal branding
  • Ellory’s advice for re-branding your domainMake it more personalized
  • Changing perspective
  • Know your true purpose rubrics cube

    “There are ways to make money using the talents and knowledge that you already have. You just may not know what they are.”
  • Stepping into greater possibilities beyond employment
  • How Ellory faced his fears and doubts when he entered his entrepreneurial journey
    “We can’t really destroy the doubts in our lives, but we can starve them.”
  • The meaning of of “Seizing the day”
  • The power of giving pure attention
    attention sign

    “The greatest gift that you can give to someone is the purity of your attention in every moment your with them.”
  • When you become uncertain with your leadership abilities uncertain emoticon
  • The “Do what you’ll say you’ll do.” Attitude
  • Ellory’s blog What’s Next Blogging what's next blogging
  • The most exciting learning for Ellory in starting a podcast
  • Ellory’s take home for entrepreneurs who wants to take their journey towards success
    “You have to choose yourself, you have to put yourself on the driver’s seat.”
  • The interesting people for Ellory



“Nobody is goanna come and give you the gift of success… We have to become the masters of our own destinies, the architects of our own success. Nobody is goanna do that for you… Go out there and take it!”    





Starve the Doubts EP85 – Ray Edwards – See Things As They Really Are

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts Podcast, host Jared Easley together with co-host Randy Wilburn from interviewed Ray Edwards.

Ray EdwardsRay Edwards is a highly sought after direct response copy writer, specializing in online sales copy and direct sales website. He has written copies for hundreds of different businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Ray is the author of the books Money Words: Easy to Use Copy Writing and Marketing Secrets That Sell Anything to Anyone and Writing Riches:  Learn to How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales, and Master Your Financial Destiny with Results-Based Web Copy.

Learn how to boost profits, increase sales, and master your financial destiny with results-based web copy.


This episode is about:hiding-face-910278-m

  • Ray showing off his secret face more than his public face
  • The difference between “Secret Face” and “Public Face”
  • Is marketing evil?
  • How to simplify things – You must do less! Do Less Achieve More


  • How Ray encouraged himself through life’s adversaries
  • Ray explains: “Beginning with an ended mind.”
  • Seeing through the lens of our experienceslens of experience




  • The most important advice in having a copy writing business.
    It is not a protection for intellectual property.”
    -   Understand and speak in the language of the person you’re trying to persuade. copy writing
  • Ray defines the true meaning of Copy Writing
    -   writing persuasively to sell your product, services, or ideas
  • How to be good in persuasion
  • The Two Primary Motivations
  • Strategies in writing a powerful and persuasive content for your business
  • Ray’s transparency of his faith and how it affected his success
  • The importance of being who you really are
  • Why not please everyone?
  • Ray’s favorite events
  • The keys to hosting a successful eventevent success with confeti falling
    - Commitment to people
    – Figure out the cost of time in preparation of the event. Fill all the seats. Double the cost of time. Breathe and triple the time.
    – Get lots of help!
  • Be a lifelong learner.





Right thinking: “See things as they really are, not better or not worse. Then we can imagine how we want them to be. Then we make them the way we see them.”



  • Jesus Culture and Bethel Church
  • Sony NEX7 Mearless Camera System
  • Book: Writing Riches by Ray Edwards
  • Book: The True Secret of Success by Ray Edwards
  • Tribes – Seth Godin
  • Platform Event – Michael Hyatt
  • Heaven in Business – Andy and Janine (Maysan)
  • The Score Conference
  • New Media Expo
  • Launch –Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner

Additional Tips:

  • “The fastest and easiest way to persuade someone is with what’s already persuading them.” – Tony Robins
  • “To persuade someone, you have to enter the conversation that is already taking place in that person’s mind.” – Robert Collier
  • Most people are motivated by pain than by the promise of their pleasures.
  • When you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.
  •  “The moment that you decide that you know everything, that’s where you’ve chosen to level off.” – Bill Johnson


Starve the Doubts Interview with Terry Starbucker

starve the doubts  In this episode of Starve the Doubts Podcast, Jared Easley together with his co-host Jody Maberry of and New Park Leader’s Podcast, interviewed Terry Starbucker St. Marie.


Terry is a native from Portland Oregon. He is a leadership consultant, strategist, coach, and angel investor. Terry’s expertise focuses on leadership, business execution and customer care, and teaches people a More Human Leadership.”



Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Which is more important, People or Process? PeopleProcess
  • The difference of “Sales Pitch”
    and “Value Pitch”
    no sales pitch
  • Succeeding versus surviving
  • How to deal with mistakes
  • How to set the right price
  • Terry’s story behind being called as “Starbucker”
  • Terry talked about his experience in Pioneer Nation
  • Are you a boss or a leader? boss sitting

    “A leader calls people together. A leader goes for a cause greater than themselves. They teach, they lead and feel.”
  • The principles of “More Human Leadership”
    more human leadership-  It’s not about you. It’s about the team.
    -  Keep your promises.
    -  Keep your values.
    -  Pass on a legacy to the next leaders by teaching them.
    -  Build a culture of accountability.
    -  Face the challenges and keep fighting.
    -  Give people a reason to wake up in the morning.
  • 3 things behind the “More Human Success”
    -   Business Success, Team Happiness, and Personal Fulfillment
  • Common mistakes in Pricing low price
    -   People under-price themselves.
    -   Pitching sales more than pitching value
    -   The myth of “One Spot Market”
  • How to stand out from other competitors
    “If your product
    is expensive, make your product look expensive.”
  • The meaning of “Value Pitch”
  • Customer feedback customer's thought
    “You can’t serve customers with great product without asking them about that.”
  • Keys to Successful Execution




“Lead well!”






Starve the Doubts Interview with Stephanie Palmer

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts, host Jared Easley interviewed Stephanie Palmer. Stephanie is the founder of – a consulting company and blog, and the author of Good in a Room.

Stephanie is also a consultant entrepreneur whose mission is to help business owners and writing professionals grow their business. Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films and was a former executive in MGM Pictures.  A few of the films Stephanie worked on were Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Legally Blonde, Titanic, Be Cool and The Brothers Grimm. Stephanie was regarded as one of the Top 30 executives under thirty-five according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Stephanie in building her own company.
  • Stephanie’s transition from her former career to entrepreneurship
  • How Stephanie was able to enter Hollywood – a very difficult industry to penetratetitanic
  • Stephanie’s takeaway when she was an intern in the production of Titanic


  • Bringing the skills you acquired from previous jobs to future projects skills
  • The challenges Stephanie faced from her internship to becoming the executive director at MGM Pictures and how she grew from it. mgm
  • Dealing with writer’s block
  • One thing that Stephanie misses in HollywoodHollyWood

“I love the phase where everyone is working really hard to succeed and accomplish things.” 


  • The common mistakes in pitching
    -          Talking too much
    -          Talking too quickly
    -          Talking business too soon
    “So often when people get a pitch meeting or an opportunity to pitch, they just jump right on it with their material.”
  • The importance of building rapport in starting a business conversation
  • Responding to a question were you don’t know how to answer
  • The 15 seconds rule in clearing your mind
  • Stephanie talked about her inspiration in writing the book Good in a Room and who should read it  Good In A room book
  • Stephanie’s encouragement for people who want to write their own book
  • How to become a professional writer in Hollywood writing2
  • Specialization in a particular writing genre
  • Getting a manager or a producer who works with the same material as yours
  • How to connect with powerful and influential people
  • The power of the hand written note
    - Write a hand written note before meeting with the event speaker or guest  handwritten-thank-you-note-300x199
  • Persistence in finding answers
  • How to handle and move on from rejections
  • The people that Stephanie finds interesting




“If you think that there are people who will benefit from what you want to share, writing a book is a gift you can give to other people.”

Additional Tips:

  • “Less is more! The more you say, the less they hear.”




Starve the Doubts Interview with Jerod Morris

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts, host Jared Easley, together with co-host Laura Elgueta from, interviewed Jerod Morris.

jerod moris

Jerod is the content director of Copy Blogger Media. He is also the host and co-founder of Assembly Call. Jerod is a writer, editor, and one of the most creative podcasters whom Jared considers to have come across with.

Check out Jerod’s work at and listen to Jerod’s LEDE Podcast.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Posting arresting images on your site
    Have a variety of sources.
  • Deciding on what contents to write and publish
    Will it be useful for the audience?
  • The revival of podcasting radio showspodcast mike and headphones
  • How to make your contents viral
    – Have a hook that will catch people’s attention in a second.
  • Jerod’s source of inspiration in writing his contents
  • The importance of practicecontent writing
  • Jerod’s system in writing – Set aside time and do it! 
  • Managing your time day to day – Find time and focus.
  • Tips in choosing your Word Press theme
  • How Jerod uses Google Hangouts for his podcast Google hangouts logo
  • What to consider in making your contents adoptable to other podcasts
    1. Maximize the medium.
    2. Think outside the box.
    thinking outside of th box
  • Best topics for Ever Green content
  • Jerod’s advice for people who want to become better writers 
    “To be better, you just have to always to do it.”
  • How to grow your blog audience Blogger with Bullhorn and Audience
    -   Have an Editorial Calendar.
    -   Develop within your audience a level of trust.
  • How to get better in writing when you don’t love doing it
    “Understand your goal, why are you writing?”
  • Who or what interests Jerod Morris?



Know your WHYIf you know it, everything may still not be easy but it will definitely be a a lot simpler.”





Starve the Doubts Interview with Ronei Harden

starve banner  In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley, together with co-host April Best from, interviewed the very inspiring Ronei Harden.

Ronei is a dreamer, builder, educator, book lover, coffee drinker, and writer. Ronei’s website is RoneiHarden.comronei harden

The episode moved as Ronei shared the greatest life challenges she had to face in life that led her to a realization that we don’t have full control in life. Nonetheless, we should rise up, move on, let go of our doubts and fears, and live an awesome life! Let’s all be inspired by Ronei in this episode.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best and worst thing in having a unique name
  • The Power of Writing – It changes a person’s mind, reach a person’s soul and change the world! writing
  • Ronei talked about her day job as a high school-home school teacher
  • Ronei talked about her life changing blog post
  • Ronei shared the story of their battle with his husband’s cancer.
  • People call Ronei as a strong woman, but how does she call herself?
  • The challenges in Ronei that motivates her to be an encouragement to people
  • The moment when Ronei was ready to surrender everything to God worship1
  • Ronei’s encouragement for people who feel they’re in the midst of an impossible situation
    “We can’t allow in our circumstances… We have to rise up in faith.”
  • Rising up from the worst situations of life
  • Ronei’s biggest changes and realizations
    “I have realized that I didn’t have much control in life as much as I thought I did.”

    “I realized that my job should be alongside of people instead of dragging and pushing them.”

    “I have learned how much I’m actually afraid of things I never thought I would be afraid of. And how brave I can be to face the things I never thought I would have to face.”  
  • How their family’s biggest challenge showed Ronei a lot about herself
  • Learning to let go of control and responsibilities that’s not meant for you to carry
  • The role April played during Ronei’s adversities
  • Encountering unknown people to help you in your hardest days
  • The importance of having a community finger friends
  • 3 things people need to know as caretakers of crisis
    1. Have a solid league of counselors.
    2. Research and be knowledgeable of your loved one’s conditions and the procedures needed.
    3. Spend as much quality time with them.
  • What provided Ronei comfort and healing during the time of grief
  • The people that Ronei finds interesting



“Whatever happens in this life, you were created to be awesome!”