Podcast of the Month: January 2014 (Social Media Marketing Podcast 44)

Another great month for PodcastTakeAways.com! After having the Podcast of the Week entries for January, it’s exciting to go through once more and pick the Podcast of the Month.

There are five Podcast of the Week entries last month, and all of them made great contributions in terms of entrepreneurial tips, ideas, and valuable skills for podcast listeners. But still, there always will be one podcast that will stand out. So starting this month, we are going to pick the best one from the Podcast of the Week entries and declare it as Podcast of the Month.

For a quick recap, here are the Podcast of the Week entries for the entire month of January:

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast Episode 131, hosted by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen. The episode is all about Six Rules on How to Improve Your Business in terms of talking with the right people in your team. They also talked about 10 Strategies on How to Make a Great Content that captures your audience.
  • Smart Passive Income Episode 068, hosted by Pat Flynn. Pat shared tips and examples on how one’s potential can be released and used as a powerful tool of productivity that leads to reaching success.


Now that the we know which podcasts have landed as Podcast of the Week,  it’s time to announce the Podcast of the Month for January!

The Podcast of the Month is:

Social Media Marketing Podcast 44 – Twitter Traffic: How to Double Your Traffic to Your Content by  Michael Stelzner! 


Michael invited Kim Garst, a pro in social media marketing, on the show. Kim herself is one entrepreneur who creates great traffic in social media—specifically in Twitter (check her account here).

It is vital for an entreprenuer to know that there is great competition that’s going around social media today. Every business wants to get into their target audience by injecting feeds and updates. Twitter is considered as one of the most powerful tools to reach your audience and market your brand. Kim gave her very own strategies on how to double your Twitter traffic, whether you’re just starting or have gone through the cycle of reaching the top and slowly decreasing your impact as a brand.

The strategies discussed in this episode are packed with knowledge that will help you optimize your content, generate more hits, and therefore lead to profit maximization.

This is definitely an episode deserving of the Podcast of the Month!


Please leave comments regarding what you would like to see on podcasttakeaways.com in the future.  It is our desire to serve you by providing suggestions for the best podcast episodes to digest.  At this time, the podcasts reviewed lean to more of a business focus.  We hope to branch out into other genres at a later date!


Rise to the Top Episode #380: How to use Facebook on your next product launch

rise to the top


In this episode, host of Rise to the Top podcast David Garland invites Facebook marketing guru Amy Porterfield. They talk about key strategies that media entrepreneurs must be paying attention to in selling online information . Amy Portefield  


Learn as Amy discusses with David how to use Facebook on your next product launch! 

Here is what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Building your lists with email marketing
  • Creating and giving things of great value
  • Knowing which course you want to promote
  • Building trust and authority for online courses
  • Starting with some signature promotional give aways 
  • A common mistake of media entrepreneurs
    -Obsessing with Facebook Likes!
    likes in fb
  • Re-introduce your product by keeping posts updated
    -          Finding ways to talk about your product without hard selling
    -          Casually talking about it in a fun way
    -          Use behind the scenes images
    -          Using page post ads
    -          Turning your status into an ad
    -          Targeting your Facebook fansamy
  • Using images that tells a story to grab people’s attention in the news feed  “Images speak volumes and they’re so very valuable.” cat
  • Amy’s strategies for a public launch in Facebook
    -          Know which content will complement your product
    -          Get interviews from people and shows
    -          Be a guest blogger!
  • Having a bigger name gives way to open doors and more requests
    -          Learn to say NO from many things while saying YES to a few
  • Knowing when to do hard promotion
    “I don’t always promote. But when I do promote, I’m doing it hard!”
  • Getting ready to promote after earning from your content
  • The old school mistake of having a zero content!
  • Amy talks about the webinars she created
    -          Creating a Facebook campaign

“The time that you start saying I know everything about marketing, business, or fitness, that’s the day you start going down!”


  • Experiment on what works for you
  • Expose yourself on different areas and avenues before the product launch!
  • Don’t market as you don’t like to be marketed to