Smart Passive Income EP095 –The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Video with Caleb Wojick

Smart Passive Income This episode of Smart Passive Income Podcast was recorded under the roof of Pat Flynn’s guest, who is no other than Caleb Wojcik –the video expert! Caleb Wojick

Pat Flynn is a living witness of how Caleb, his buddy, is a real pro in video creation. In this episode, Caleb gave guides on How to Create Quality Videos and the Do’s and Don’ts Behind it.


Here’s what you’ll learn more about this episode:

  • Caleb’s career journey before he focused on video creation
  • Why create videos for your business? –It can make you stand out more!
  • Three ways of content creation:
    1. Write
    2. Record and audio
    3. Create a video
  • Levels of learning retention:
    10% -Written; 20% -Audio; 50% -Visual; 90% -Application
  • Using videos for instructional contents
  • Recording techniques
  • Softwares for creating videos
  • Video recording through your ipad
  • Hosting videos
  • Inviting critics in for improvement

Do’s and Don’ts in online video

  • Don’t make excuses, Just do it!
  • Don’t waste time in editing.
  • Have the same set up for every video shoot. video shoot set up
  • Shoot more videos at the same time then you can edit later.
  • Say a note about the current take while recording (i.e.: “I don’t like this shot, use the one before this).
  • Use whatever you have to begin creating videos.
  • Batch process your tasks.
  • Use teleprompter on shoots.
  • Create screen recordings for your video. screen recorder
  • Learn from your recordings; Practice, practice, practice!
  • Don’t forget to keep a clean symbol
  • Balance your budget on your tools
  • More light is better.
  • Host your videos on Wistia. wistia




A call to action: If you haven’t put yourself in front of the camera, then do so now. Think of new ways to shoot your video!


Additional Tips:

  • Work smart!
  • Start making videos with whatever you have.
  • Send your videos to a video expert and get feed backs for improvement.