The Foolish Adventure Show EP168 –Outsourcing a Virtual Team Empire with Rob Rawson

Foolsih Adventure Show Banner In this episode of The Foolish Adventure Show, host Tim Conley interviewed Rob Rawson. Rob Rawson

Rob is the creator of Time Doctor and Rob is a man who knows the power of time, income, and mobility, and is able to live a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle around them.

The episode moved as Rob talked about how he built his companies and how it works for distributing quality virtual assistance all around the globe.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How works around the world staff
  • Finding reliable and long term people to work for you
  • About
  • How to find the right person for your job/project
  • Conducting tests that will specifically demonstrate the skills you’re looking for
  • The circumstances employers experience with virtual assistance virtual assitant
  • How to keep virtual assistants for long-term employment
  • Knowing the places around the globe that has the skills set you need
  • The branding of domain
  • The process of building a company name
  • The most important thing in creating a domain nameIt’s easily remembered!
  • How Rob found and bought’s domain 
  • Working with your team in building your companyvirtual-team-pic
  • More about affiliate marketing
  • How to bring traffic to your website
    1. Create Info-graphics.
    2. Focus on content marketing.
    3. Reach out to reporters.
    4. Answer questions in forums.
  • Rob’s staff
  • Physical office versus a virtual office
    office sillouette
  • Staffing and time zones
  • Weekly or Daily meetings?




“Have a clear vision of your business. Set your drive and say it over and over again…You just have to keep doing it until you succeed!”

Additional Tips:

  • Be there and be available.
  • “Whenever you’re selling anything to anyone, if you know that they’ll get significantly more value from it, then they will pay more for it.”