Cash Car Convert EP8 -Simple Life Together with Dan and Vanessa Haynes

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Cash Car Convert EP8 -Simple Life Together with Dan and Vanessa Haynescash car convert box banner

Cash Car Convert Podcast is hosted by James Kinson.

In this episode, James interviewed the married couple who decided and found success in living a lifestyle of keeping only those that they really need in life. They are Dan & Vanessa Hayes of The Simple Life Together Podcast. Dan and Vanessa Hayes

The episode moved as Dan and Vanessa talked about how to live a simple life together, why they lived this kind of lifestyle, and how this would benefit those who would choose to live a simple yet fulfilling life!  


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Dan & Vanessa Hayes’ first car and how they got it
  • What inspired Dan & Vanessa to live a simplified life Dan and Vanessa forest back ground
  • Dan & Vanessa’s turning point in deciding what they really want in lifesimple life together
  • Figuring out how to live a simple life 
  • The birth of Simple Life Together Podcast
  • The Project 333
    project 333

  • Challenging the minimalist’s mindset
  • Discipline in buying clothes and Seasonal wardrobes picking clothes
  • Being mindful of how you’re spending your money and why you should be careful in your purchases buy with dollars
  • The “Consumer Society”buy
  • Other areas in life that Dan & Vanessa simplified
  • Being a strategic and smart buyer
    Ask first and think about it: “Do we really need to buy it?”
  • 5 Pillars that guide Dan & Vanessa with all their decisions
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finances
    4. Fitness
    5. Freedom
  • Intentionality and smart decisions
  • Vanessa’s story of her $24-25,000 credit card debt in the past
  • The one thing that Dan and Vanessa wanted to pass on to others



Walk yourself into a life plan… Know what you want to look like at the end. The things to get there will reveal themselves and you need to honour those.”

Additional Tips:

  • Buy things that are of high quality, and you won’t need as much.
  • Focus on creating, not just consuming.
  • Be disciplined and get rid of unnecessary things.
  • There is nothing more empowering than to be out of debt.