High Income Business Writing Podcast EP27 –Work&Life Balance: How To Set Healthy Boundaries You Can Actually Keep

EdGandiaHighIncomeBusinessWriting-300x76  High Income Business Writing Podcast is the show for business writers and copy writers who want to take their income to the six figure level or the part time equivalent. copywriter_toronto_rachel_foster In this episode, podcast host Ed Gandia invited Rachel Foster in the show.

Rachel is a very successful six-figure freelancer based in Toronto. Ed and Rachel previously worked together in a coaching basis.

Today, Rachel talked about her passion in Setting Healthy Boundaries in Business and in Life.  


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Can we really keep balance in everything that we do?desk
  • Who is Rachel Foster?
  • Rachel’s typical work schedule
  • Managing a schedule for a work-free weekend
  • Dedicating an office-based work place to avoid distractions

excercise -woman sillouete

  • Tip for a busy day: Take a break to exercise in the middle of a busy day to get yourself refreshed and moving 
  • The types of exercises and workouts Rachel does


Deadline Calendar


  • How Rachel handles oppressing deadlines
  • When compromise happens in work, “Do what your best at, and outsource the rest”
  • Knowing what tasks to outsource to your virtual assistant
  • The range of hours Rachel allows her VA to work
  • Advantages of getting a VA with several skills set
  • Training/Qualifying a virtual assistant
    virtual assistant
  • How to set expectations with your clients
  • The advantage of having an assistant to manage your emails when you’re out
  • What Rachel would do differently in setting her work life balance “Don’t waste your time going to bad networking events.”
  • How Rachel started and evolved in getting to her niche




One of the biggest reasons why we become freelancers is to be free of the burden of traditional employment –to have more freedom and flexibility. It’s up to us to make that flexibility a reality. We are in charge. But by being in charge, there’s a greater responsibility.


Additional Tips:

  • Limit personal stuffs during work hours. Leave it for the weekend.
  • Gain more time, by taking time to exercise.
  • Stay focused on your niche.
  • Don’t give your clients too many rules onset.
  • Adapt what works for you.