David J Soler –Getting Things Done

David J Soler

In this episode of Relationship Marketing Podcast, host David J Soler invited Ceasar Abeid to help the listeners become more organized, productive and effective in getting things done at work by having the right tools and apps online.Cesar Abeid

Cesar Abeid is a certified project manager of Remontech – Remote Monitoring Technologies, an electrical engineer by trade and the podcast host  of Project Management for the Masses. This project is fueled by the motto “Life is a project, you are the manager”. Above all, Ceasar is a student of productivity and he is just about to share his principles today!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Ceasar shared his story of being disorganized and forgetful in the past
  • Ceasar’s turning point in life where started to become productive
  • How Inbox Zero works  -A place to put your ideas and the things you need to do Inbox Zero
  • Utilizing systems that works for you
  • The tools Ceasar use to get things done
  • Functions and features of Evernote, Omni Focus and Google Calendar EvernoteOmni FocusGoogle Calendar
  • The benefits of using systems to get your “things” organized
  • Strategies to create a habit of remembering your “To-do” itemstime -office woan standing on top
  • Managing your tasks/projects
  • The difference of time sensitive and not time sensitive tasks
  • Ranking the priority levels of your tasks
  • Allocating highly important tasks in your calendar
  • Systems that will accommodate more complex items
  • Conditioning your mind to build a habit of accomplishing things Bulb on head
  • Why OmniFocus app works the best for Ceasar 
    “Having the right tools would really help me and having them would have to pay for themselves overtime.”
  • Understanding the systems and tools for your needs
  • basecamp-logoTools that best works for groups/teams
  • Ceasar talked about why Base Camp best works for him




There are a lot of different tools. But the key is to get systems that best works for you.