Social Triggers Insider Podcast EP14 –Close Your Next Client with Mike Del Ponte of Soma             

social triggers insider  Social Triggers Insider Podcast is a show hosted by Derek Halpern, where entrepreneurs and executives learn how to get ahead in business and life.Mike Del Ponte

In this episode, Derek invited Mike Del Ponte to share the secrets on how he was able to raise $147,000 on Kick Starters. Mike is the co-founder of Soma at; Former head of marketing in Branchout –a company that he helped grow 0-25 million users in 16 months; and the founder of Spark Seed.

The episode moved as Mike and Derek talked about the Four Piece of Selling Framework, the Three Laws of Marketing, the Power of Story Telling and much more!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:soma

  • Mike’s story of raising over a hundred thousand dollars in 9 days
  • The history behind the birth of Soma Water Filter
  • Building innovative products
  • The motivation behind the launching of Social Triggers Insider Podcastpartnerships
  •  The Four Things in Marketing
    4.ReachSell dice
  • The Four Piece of Selling –comes from the idea of writing a sales letter
  • Soma Water Filter’s four piece of selling
  • How to do unique salesgive them offers!
    special offer
  • The Three Laws of Marketing
    1.People love to buy but they hate to be sold
    2.People buy for emotional decisions not rational decisions
    3.People use reasoning to rationalize their emotional decisions Marketing building
  • Designing a product that sells itself





“Things that look different are different… It’s better to be first than better.”


Additional Tips:

  • Stop complaining and do something about it.
  • Start working immediately with the pain points you see.