Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield: Video Marketing

Online Marketing Made Easy In this episode of Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, host Amy Porterfield highlighted her experiences and everything that she learned in Video MarketingJames Wedmore

Amy also invited James Wedmore in the show to discuss some How To’s and Strategies in Creating Videos! James also shared his case study about how he build a video around a list building strategy, which you can use as a model for your own business.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Amy’s story when she started video marketing and how much she improved today
  • Starting videos with your available resources
  • How James started in video marketing
  • James’ bar-tending first ever online course that lead him to start creating online videos
  • Common challenges people face in creating videos
  • Overcoming your biggest critic -YOU!
  • Different ways to create your video -Do you really need to be in front of the camera? woman infront of camera
  • Styles and technichs in creating videos even when your not in front of the camera
  • Steps in raising the bar of the quality of your videos
    1. Choose your intention
    2. Choose your style
    3. Script the video
    4. Film it
    5. Edit it
    6. Broadcast your videovideographer
  • Tips on how to look natural in delivering a smooth script
  • Disadvantages of using a teleprompter
  • The  benefits of planning ahead and having someone to help you in creating your videos
  • Why divide your workload into several batches
  • James talked about his case study Royalty Free Music and how his list building strategy boosts thousands of search Royalty free music
  • The benefits of using Google Keywords
  • James’ video marketing strategies
  • Facebook  versus YouTube -which has the highest rate of audience in terms of videos?



 “Every video is a tool to simply communicate a message and yield a result.”


Additional Tips:

  • Practice makes perfect and you do get better with time
  • Be patient with yourself
  • In a video, you don’t necessarily have to be in front of a camera. There are a lot of ways to create a video.
  • It’s normal for us to not like our videos, but other people don’t always see what we see.
  • YouTube is a traffic source for our business.



Online Marketing Made Easy EP19 –How to Set Priorities in Business with Pat Flynn

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

The primary goal of is to help listeners choose podcasts by providing information before they even listen to an episode. This will help them assess which one will provide them with maximized learning and enjoyment.

The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Online Marketing Made Easy EP19 –How to Set Priorities in Business with Pat Flynn

online marketing made easy  Before anything else, this is one of the best and most helpful episodes I’ve heard!

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast host Amy Porterfield, is proud to welcome Pat Flynn in the show!

Pat Flynn is the guest for this episode. Pat is a well known highly successful entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, and author. He is best known for his transparent leadership style and smart business strategies. Pat Flynn SPI

You can find his blog and podcast at Amy invited Pat Flynn in the show to talk about  Business Priorities, Goal Settings and Figuring out Where To Spend Your Time. This is a sure win episode for entrepreneurs and for those who wants a clearer direction towards success.  


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Pat talked about his face book post about FinCon13FinCon-Logo-JPG1
  • Pat’s experience in his public speaking at FinCon
  • Focusing on one thing at a timnumber 1 23456
  • Why you prioritize your priorities
  • Knowing where to focus
  • Saying “NO” now NO face
  • How Pat kept his focus in achieving his goal despite the inevitable distractions
  • Communicating to the people around you that you need time to focus
  • The importance of goal setting –Know the direction of where you’re going finish line
  • Doing things NOW “The more I wait, the harder its gonna be.”
  • Write a breakdown of your goals –rank your priorities!
    “If you don’t know what your goals are, how do you know where to go”  ranking red
  • Scheduling and documenting your goals
  • Why some goals takes longer than it should be accomplished
  • Factors that hold people back in achieving their goals in time
  • Taking the step to bring out your product new product
  • Using physical folders for high priority goals
  • The “Just in Time Learning” - Understanding your next task
  • Building better ideas by writing them first
  • Becoming part of Master Mind groups
  • The importance of discovering the “WHY” in everything you do




You can have a lot of different goals. It can overlap a little bit. But you need to have one specific goal that you’re focusing on at that very moment.

Additional Tips:

  • Long term success is rooted in right mindsets.
  • Bring your product out even when it’s not yet perfect, then let to your audience perfect it.
  • Ask yourself: what makes you happy?




Rise to the Top Episode #380: How to use Facebook on your next product launch

rise to the top


In this episode, host of Rise to the Top podcast David Garland invites Facebook marketing guru Amy Porterfield. They talk about key strategies that media entrepreneurs must be paying attention to in selling online information . Amy Portefield  


Learn as Amy discusses with David how to use Facebook on your next product launch! 

Here is what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Building your lists with email marketing
  • Creating and giving things of great value
  • Knowing which course you want to promote
  • Building trust and authority for online courses
  • Starting with some signature promotional give aways 
  • A common mistake of media entrepreneurs
    -Obsessing with Facebook Likes!
    likes in fb
  • Re-introduce your product by keeping posts updated
    -          Finding ways to talk about your product without hard selling
    -          Casually talking about it in a fun way
    -          Use behind the scenes images
    -          Using page post ads
    -          Turning your status into an ad
    -          Targeting your Facebook fansamy
  • Using images that tells a story to grab people’s attention in the news feed  “Images speak volumes and they’re so very valuable.” cat
  • Amy’s strategies for a public launch in Facebook
    -          Know which content will complement your product
    -          Get interviews from people and shows
    -          Be a guest blogger!
  • Having a bigger name gives way to open doors and more requests
    -          Learn to say NO from many things while saying YES to a few
  • Knowing when to do hard promotion
    “I don’t always promote. But when I do promote, I’m doing it hard!”
  • Getting ready to promote after earning from your content
  • The old school mistake of having a zero content!
  • Amy talks about the webinars she created
    -          Creating a Facebook campaign

“The time that you start saying I know everything about marketing, business, or fitness, that’s the day you start going down!”


  • Experiment on what works for you
  • Expose yourself on different areas and avenues before the product launch!
  • Don’t market as you don’t like to be marketed to