Podcast of the Month: Social Media Examiner EP58 – A New Direction For Your Business

After having the Podcast of the Week entries for May, we will now reveal the Podcast of the Month!

There were three Podcast of the Week entries last month, and all of them made great contributions in terms of entrepreneurial tips, ideas, and valuable skills for podcast listeners. But still, there will always be one podcast that will stand out.

Every month, we will choose one from the Podcast of the Week entries that we regard as the best podcast episode which will take the place of Podcast of the Month.

For a quick recap, here are the Podcast of the Week entries for the month of May:

Now that the we know which podcasts have landed as Podcast of the Week,  it’s time to announce the Podcast of the Month for May!


The Podcast of the Month winner is:

Social Media Examiner EP58 A New Direction for Business
by Michael Stelzner


This episode of Social Media Examiner focused on awakening the minds of entrepreneurs to have a moment to re-think the ways and strategies in running a successful business.

Michael Stelzner interviewed Tom Martin, the author of the Invisible Sale and founder of Converse Digital. Tom discussed in this episode strategies on how to be on top of the market by using social media platforms effectively .It has become evident that the growth of online industry had made way for companies to increase the market sales using these platforms.

Tom also talked about how entrepreneurs can sell using social media. This includes selling educational content that will add value to people and creating videos to boost the marketing of your products and services through the power of visuals.

Having sales agents for your business, who are not there to buy from you at first, but are enthusiastic in sharing your value to a larger network, is a group of people that you also want to win. In finding prospects, Tom encourages entrepreneurs to seek and build relationships with like-minded prospects not just online but offline as well. These strategies will increase your network and build a stronger market for your sales.

This was definitely an episode deserving of the Podcast of the Month!


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Social Media Examiner EP58: Selling with Social Media- A New Direction for Business

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Social Media Examiner EP58:
Selling with Social Media- A New Direction for Business

5 In this episode of Social Media Examiner Podcast, host Michael Stelzner interviewed Tom Martin. Tom Martin

Tom is the author of the Invisible Sale and the owner of the agency, Converse Digital.  Tom discussed how businesses and entrepreneurs can use social media for their sales and increase more potential customers. They also talked about what businesses need to re-think about with the current sales process in this social age.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Social media tools that help develop, encourage, and maintain long term client-business relationships
  • How to be on top of mind with prospects that are not ready to buyselling with social media
  • How to sell with social media
  • How the online world changed the way businesses sell
  • Strategies in sales that businesses have to re-think about
  • Selling educational contents
    educational contents
  • Importance of using videos in your presentations
  • Social agents people who don’t buy things from you but tell everyone about you
  • How to draw social agents to you social agent
  • The process of selling without using the traditional advertising
  • The Painless Prospective Sales
  • The concept of propensity in sales
  • Where to go to present your contentsprospects
  • Looking for your prospects online and offline 
  • Tom’s tips for people who want to stay focused with their blogs
    Make sure your using key words optimization search, or else, you won’t get found!”
    keyword search
  • Why write for others’ businesses with bigger platforms
  • Tom talked about the meaning of Invisible on the title of his book the invisible sale
  • The common mistakes people make in producing content





The way to win today is to get out there and really make sure your content is appearing to all the places your prospects are looking.

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to your industry.
  • Take note of the links your prospects share.
  • Be a great messenger of quality content.
  • Create a content that can be re-purposed.
  • Remember: Buyers know how to buy!