STARVE040 – Syed Balkhi Don’t be the “Me Too” Guy

starve the doubts with jared

In this episode, Jared Easley interviews Syed Balkhi (founder of and to talk about how to make the most influence by starting out from scratch.


The episode moves into helping people out to become socially influential by knowing the strategies of getting along with the right connections and the right people.

Here’s what you learn from this episode:

  • Technique to get more focus: Do one task at a time! 
    - Add triggers to get you more focused! (from the book The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg)
  • Know how Syed resolved to mistreatment from other people 
    - Negative experiences with people eventually led Syed to become influential.
  • Giving free offers versus earning
    Not everything can be free. Free is not a 
    business model.” freevspaid
  • Finding the right time for social media
    - Delegating time for social media
    – Setting a different time for browsing and reading through notifications
  • Syed’s tips when attending conferences and seminars
    Ask yourself:
    - What am I here for?
    - What will be the benefit I get from the conference?
    2. Have a list of people who you want to meet. attending_seminar
  • How to manage business cards?
    - Don’t be a business card dispenser or card collector.
    – Collect only the business cards of the people who you’ve had good conversations with
    - Schedule an email to your contacts right away before you forget or lost the business card. (Use boomerang for scheduling emails).
    bus card
    - Get creative in creating your own business card! This will somehow help people remember you. 
  • Syed gave strategies  on how to save some budget when attending conferences on other locations
    1. Try to find a roommate.

    2. Get companies to sponsor you. Start with companies that you’ve used to have conversation.
    3. Get a student pass!
  • Syed’s advice to those who want to connect with a-listers
    - Don’t worry with connecting with a-listers, they’re also people.
    – Just connect with people, they will help you.
  • Syed talked about and WPBeginnerwpbeginnerlist25



“Add value to the community. Don’t be the “ME TOO GUY.” Stand out and offer a unique perspective and do something differently while adding value.  As long as you’re helping people, you’re doing good.”


  • “Introduce yourself every time there is an opportunity to meet new people.”
  • “People are usually nice; normally, we’re just scared to approach them.”



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