Starve The Doubts (STARVE18 : Peg FitzPatrick)

Starve The Doubts

In this episode, Jared had a chance to interview with Peg FitzPatrick, a social media superstar and the host of hashtag my book club. During the initial  part of the interview she was asked regarding what of the two options to select and the following options are discussed:

  • Peanut butter cup brownies vs. cupcakes
  • Sangria vs. Margarita
  • Boston vs. New York city
  • Charlotte’s web vs. Where the wild things are (Children’s literature)
  • The Peg Fiztpatrick Stick People Art vs. Outsource Your Book Cover to Writer

They also discussed where to post first content as follows (on google plus, pinterest, or twitter):

  • Miniature food art
  • Breathtaking photograph of Florence Italy
  • A hilarious photo bum picture during one of her speeches


She also completed the following statements:

  • Exclamation points are…
  • If you ever visit New Hampshire…
  • My mom always told me when I was little…
  • The best thing being a mom is…
  • My biggest Facebook pet peeve is…
  • When I think of…

Topics other than her personal interests are discuss as follows:

  • Her favorite working with
  • Best practices on engagement
  • Best practice to post a not original photo
    • Permission to share/post
    • Photo credit or photo courtesy
    • Pay attention to photo posting it might go viral
  • Search by image by google
  • Panda bear
  • If content is king what is queen?
  • How to legally post photos online?
  • How she got involve with Guy Kawasaki’s APE?
  • How people can overcome resistance?
  • Positive ideas, tips and quotes from Peg
  • Google Plus vs. Pinterest as a social network
  • Peg’s boards and bookclub


“Be your own original thing.”– Peg FitzPatrick

Additional Tips:

“Don’t ask someone for something. Do things by yourself.” – Peg FitzPatrick


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