Starve The Doubts (STARVE017 – John Crist – Getting Started in Stand-Up Comedy)

(STARVE017 – John Crist – Getting Started in Stand-Up Comedy)

Starve The Doubts

In this episode, Jared got a chance to have a light and funny interview with an award-wining stand-up comedian, John Crist.

During the episode, the following topics was discussed:

  • Why and how John started out doing stand-up comedy (John recommends reading Quitter by Jon Acuff)
  • The “eureka” moment when John realized that comedy is something he could do full time
  • John’s response to friends or family that thought his pursuit of comedy was foolish or not possible to do as a full time career
  • How his public speaking skills helped him get into Stand Up Comedy
  • The best memory from John’s trip to Kuwait where he did a comedy tour for our US troops
  • Advice for people who are still waiting to pursue their dream or passion
  • If you are interested in doing comedy, John shares some of his experience-based tips and advice.


Check out the episode for the following finish that sentence discussion with John Crist:

  1. When you to work…
  2. Before you go fishing, you should…
  3. When you get up early, you…
  4. If you don’t have goals…
  5. In Burlingame, they love the…

Aside from this, John had been able to discuss how he started being a stand-up comedian in Atlanta. He also shared that the concert he won’t forget he went into was that of Celine Dion’s. The highlight of this episode was his advice to people who are still waiting to pursue their dreams.

2 biggest decisions he had made was, as discussed:

  • Go up on stage
  • Quitting the job


“Get rid of people who don’t support you regarding what you are passionate about.” – John Crist

Advice he had shared are as follows:

  • Once you do it, you’ll realize that it is other people’s dream too.
  • You can do a lot of things (million different things).

Tim Hopkins got John’s interest and he look up to, John had also discussed.

As a final part of the interview, John shared 3 funny jokes.


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