Starve The Doubts (STARVE010: Dave Delaney – New Business Networking)

In this episode, Jared was able to interview Dave Delaney, who is the author of New Business Networking: How effectively grow your business through online and offline methods.


Initially, the conversation was about personal questions in which Dave was asked what he preferred between two options like Starbucks vs. Tim Horton coffee, Edinburgh vs. Dublin, etc.


The next intriguing part Jared discussed with Dave was his best practices or tips on parenting, public speaking, attending conferences, Improv Comedy and other topics.

red ninja dave delaney

One of Dave’s most favorite stories was the hashtag red ninja and during this episode, he was able to explain it to Jared.

Aside from the topics discussed above, Jared asked Dave regarding how to organize local meet-ups. And the highlight of this interview is regarding Dave’s book on New Business Networking. Dave explained for whom the book was written and the purpose of the book. He stressed “Building one’s network now” like being on Linkedln, to be able to connect with other people with some future benefits.

Dave was also asked during this episode regarding his advice to those who aren’t inclined to networking events (introverts). Dave discussed the importance of listening and not just talking in his book as discussed in this episode.

Additional Tips:

“Always treat others, the way you wanna be treated.”


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