Starve The Doubts (STARVE004 : Andy Traub Interview – Author of Early to Rise &



In this episode, Jared had an interview with Andy Traub, author of Early to Rise and and was able to put Santiago Jaramillo, CEO of BlueBridge Digital, on Spotlight.

santiago jaramilloSantiago was able to present his life success stories. He presented his biography from a little boy to becoming a successful person at the moment. His driving ambition came from the different opportunities and blessings he had been able to encounter, despite the tough times they had experienced in their family.

Jared introduced Andy Traub’s profile before proceeding with the in-depth interview with him. Initially, Jared asked Andy personal questions like what are the two apps he is mostly using daily, “Why does he like Carrie Underwood?”, “What does he prefer; short or long books?” and others. In this part of the episode, Andy stressed that he believes no one expects perfect because perfection drives one insane.


After some of these personal questions, Jared chose different thoughts from Andy’s book and asked his insights by completing the chosen thoughts. Thoughts included insights on success, performance, competition and taking action. In addition to the topics discussed, Jared asked Andy about what he learned from other people he encountered in listening to podcast and reading books.

The important discussion presented in the episode is the premise of the book “Early to Rise”. Andy emphasizes that it is not just about getting up early but how to remove the obstacles why you are not getting up early. And aside from this, if you get up early, you are looking forward for tomorrow. Andy mentioned, “One of the reason why you don’t want to get up early is because you don’t like your life.” The book is for a life-changing encounter not just getting up early. It presents why you need to get up early.

Additional Tips:

  • “You can do it, if you just simply start making it easy.”
  • “The only way to guarantee success is try hard and fail.”
  • “Past poor performance is not an indication of future performance or future results.”
  • “Doing less allows you to achieve more.”
  • “Do what people do if you want to be like them.”


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