Starve The Doubts (STARVE003 : Pat Flynn – Star Wars Reenactment and Let Go Interview)

In this episode, Jared, together with Chris Murphy had a chance to interview Pat Flynn, the author of the book, “Let Go”. Aside from this, substantial tips, techniques and best practices on sales from Donald Kelly, the Sales Evangelist, were also discussed.


To start off the episode, Donald had stressed the idea that “those who recognize their identity from that of the roles (say a sales representative role) are the ones successful in their business”.

Next to Donald’s tips was the interview with Pat Flynn. Jared had a brief introduction about Pat’s profile before the informative interview. In the initial part of their discussion, Pat shared with Jared what is the next app to be deleted on his phone. Pat also shared his experiences regarding some movies he had been into.  A great part of the episode was the Star Wars Reenactment.


After the reenactment, Jared asked Pat to complete the sentence of certain phrases like “If you had a bad day…”, “Mama always told me…”, “Those who succeed…”

Chris on the other hand, asked Pat what is his mission in this world. Pat answered that he wanted to be able to show people that internet marketing can make people happy and can be done in an honest way. Patt had discussed that he started off by creating the when he was laid off in his architecture position. The site had helped other people to pass the LEED exam. He intends to be a role model and lead by example to his followers and that is his responsibility.

Pat also discussed the importance of having dinner with your family and have conversations with them regarding what had happened to each one at the end of the day. He also wanted to insinuate to his children to live a humble life and give something to other people to be able to gain something in return.

Aside from this, Pat also discussed what he wanted to tell to himself ten years ago. He wished to tell himself to be confident on what he wished to do and don’t try to do things on your own, instead ask for help to not waste much time. In addition to this, he also talked about his legacy on working for something and doing things the right way.

Additional Tips:

“Those who succeed fall forward.”

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford


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