Starve The Doubts (STARVE002 : Krystyn Chong – Part 2 Content Questions)



This episode, is the part 2 continuation of Jared’s interview with Krystyn Chong.  Initially the episode had presented the Kid President Pep Talk.

The initial part of the episode, Jared asked Krystyn to tell something about herself. According to her, she had been on social media since 1996. She got noticed online after having a bad experience as an online manager in the first social media company. Her favorite social media platform is Google plus because it allows more originality to sell through and allows you to use it to make any avenue.


“If you’re serious, persistent and patient you can be able to see Google plus benefits”, according to her. She mentioned that “Google is the future.” She is famous for having interactive accounts in different social media especially Google Plus. She had witty posts, utilized hash tags and engaged people in her posts thus was able to create great impact to people on her posts. She likes to post things that make people get into thinking and those things that is oppose to what she is thinking. She also checked on her followers’ profile to get into their head.

She gave some tips to connecting to people. She stressed “STUDYING” (look on who your audience is and how you’re gonna get them) and make some goals. Her attention is drawn to posts that express people experiences. She also discussed the people who are unique and creative in utilizing social media. Aside from liking Google plus as a social media platform, she secondly chose Instagram if Google plus is not around. She also discussed some books she recommended to people.

Additional Tips:

  • “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
  • “I have just three things to teach. Simplicity, patience and compassion. These three are your treasures.”


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