Starve The Doubts (STARVE001 : Krystyn Chong – Part 1 Icebreaker Questions with Google + Phenom)


In this episode, the first part of Jared’s interview with Krystyn Chong was presented. Initially the episode had a firestarter segment with Jim Woods. In the fire starter segment, Jim had pointed out how one should be cautious about research because it stops you from doing anything. He emphasizes to ask help from others in issues that you can’t solve.


The episode’s climax is an interview with Krystyn Chong, who is a social media phenom. She is an evangelist of google plus. In the interview’s first part, Jared asked personal questions from Krystyn to present her personality. Topics discussed are the last app she downloaded in her phone, where does she want to go for a free trip and who she wants to be with. Another part of the interview is Jared had asked her some options and why she chose such. Options like hotel California vs. Midnight Train to Georgia, Empire Strikes Back vs. Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Tuesday vs. Caturday, Bubble Witch Saga vs. Candy Crash and others where asked from Krystyn in the discussion.


The last part of the episode is “fill in the blanks”, where she was asked to complete phrases. Phrases included in the discussion if you don’t play video game, you must…, to be like a boss, you must be…, the best way to impress…, the best love song of all time…

Additional Tips:

  • “To be like a boss, you must be better than anybody else in whatever you do.” Own whatever you do.
  • “The best way to impress is confidence.”


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