Starve the Doubts Interview with Stephanie Palmer

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts, host Jared Easley interviewed Stephanie Palmer. Stephanie is the founder of – a consulting company and blog, and the author of Good in a Room.

Stephanie is also a consultant entrepreneur whose mission is to help business owners and writing professionals grow their business. Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films and was a former executive in MGM Pictures.  A few of the films Stephanie worked on were Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Legally Blonde, Titanic, Be Cool and The Brothers Grimm. Stephanie was regarded as one of the Top 30 executives under thirty-five according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Stephanie in building her own company.
  • Stephanie’s transition from her former career to entrepreneurship
  • How Stephanie was able to enter Hollywood – a very difficult industry to penetratetitanic
  • Stephanie’s takeaway when she was an intern in the production of Titanic


  • Bringing the skills you acquired from previous jobs to future projects skills
  • The challenges Stephanie faced from her internship to becoming the executive director at MGM Pictures and how she grew from it. mgm
  • Dealing with writer’s block
  • One thing that Stephanie misses in HollywoodHollyWood

“I love the phase where everyone is working really hard to succeed and accomplish things.” 


  • The common mistakes in pitching
    -          Talking too much
    -          Talking too quickly
    -          Talking business too soon
    “So often when people get a pitch meeting or an opportunity to pitch, they just jump right on it with their material.”
  • The importance of building rapport in starting a business conversation
  • Responding to a question were you don’t know how to answer
  • The 15 seconds rule in clearing your mind
  • Stephanie talked about her inspiration in writing the book Good in a Room and who should read it  Good In A room book
  • Stephanie’s encouragement for people who want to write their own book
  • How to become a professional writer in Hollywood writing2
  • Specialization in a particular writing genre
  • Getting a manager or a producer who works with the same material as yours
  • How to connect with powerful and influential people
  • The power of the hand written note
    - Write a hand written note before meeting with the event speaker or guest  handwritten-thank-you-note-300x199
  • Persistence in finding answers
  • How to handle and move on from rejections
  • The people that Stephanie finds interesting




“If you think that there are people who will benefit from what you want to share, writing a book is a gift you can give to other people.”

Additional Tips:

  • “Less is more! The more you say, the less they hear.”




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