Starve the Doubts Interview with Ronei Harden

starve banner  In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley, together with co-host April Best from, interviewed the very inspiring Ronei Harden.

Ronei is a dreamer, builder, educator, book lover, coffee drinker, and writer. Ronei’s website is RoneiHarden.comronei harden

The episode moved as Ronei shared the greatest life challenges she had to face in life that led her to a realization that we don’t have full control in life. Nonetheless, we should rise up, move on, let go of our doubts and fears, and live an awesome life! Let’s all be inspired by Ronei in this episode.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best and worst thing in having a unique name
  • The Power of Writing – It changes a person’s mind, reach a person’s soul and change the world! writing
  • Ronei talked about her day job as a high school-home school teacher
  • Ronei talked about her life changing blog post
  • Ronei shared the story of their battle with his husband’s cancer.
  • People call Ronei as a strong woman, but how does she call herself?
  • The challenges in Ronei that motivates her to be an encouragement to people
  • The moment when Ronei was ready to surrender everything to God worship1
  • Ronei’s encouragement for people who feel they’re in the midst of an impossible situation
    “We can’t allow in our circumstances… We have to rise up in faith.”
  • Rising up from the worst situations of life
  • Ronei’s biggest changes and realizations
    “I have realized that I didn’t have much control in life as much as I thought I did.”

    “I realized that my job should be alongside of people instead of dragging and pushing them.”

    “I have learned how much I’m actually afraid of things I never thought I would be afraid of. And how brave I can be to face the things I never thought I would have to face.”  
  • How their family’s biggest challenge showed Ronei a lot about herself
  • Learning to let go of control and responsibilities that’s not meant for you to carry
  • The role April played during Ronei’s adversities
  • Encountering unknown people to help you in your hardest days
  • The importance of having a community finger friends
  • 3 things people need to know as caretakers of crisis
    1. Have a solid league of counselors.
    2. Research and be knowledgeable of your loved one’s conditions and the procedures needed.
    3. Spend as much quality time with them.
  • What provided Ronei comfort and healing during the time of grief
  • The people that Ronei finds interesting



“Whatever happens in this life, you were created to be awesome!”






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