starve banner  In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley, with co-host Zeb Welborn of Defining Success Podcast, interviewed guest Natalie Sisson.natalie-sisson-womanzworld-founder

Natalie is known for her unique way in raising her six-figure business online. Natalie is the “suitcase entrepreneur” and she runs her business while traveling the world through her laptop. Natalie is a bestselling author and a speaker. She is one of the speakers in the upcoming Podcast Movement 2014 in Dallas, Texas. Natalie’s mission is to help people create and find freedom in their businesses online.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Raising funds successfully for your projects
  • Creating an awesome story to capture your audience
    “It’s all about the story.”
  • Natalie defines “Suitcase Entrepreneur” suitcase entreprenuer logo
  • Natalie’s vocation before shifting a career in entrepreneurship
  • Natalie’s reason why she became a suitcase entrepreneur
  • When Natalie ventured in blogging as her business
  • Natalie’s encouragement for starters in pursuing their dream business
    “Believe in yourself!”
  • The best places Natalie went in her travel around the world
    I. Spain II. Brazil III. Laos)
  • Natalie’s Social Media Boot Camp
    natalie social media bootcamp
  • Natalie’s coolest experiences with her suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle
  • Natalie talked about her virtual teams
  • Virtual tools Natalie uses in her project management
    -          ASANA
    -          Google Drive
    -          Dropbox
    asana logo google drive logo drop box logo
  • Natalie talked about her 100 People Movement people thousands
  • A movement to help people have freedom in their careers by starting an online-based business money from online business
    Life is short.  Build the business that you love that fits around your lifestyle.”
  • Natalie’s encouragement for people who wants to venture a suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle
    “Have a clear vision in business and in life.”
  • The importance of having a vision
  • How like-minded people work
  • The importance of having a team in your business team 2 blak and white silouet
  • Natalie’s biggest mistakes in business
  • Making a difference in the lives of others
  • Natalie defines success – “Living life on your own terms!”
  • Natalie answers the question: Have I already reached the point of success?
  • Learning as you travel to different placesairplaine flying
  • The people that Natalie finds interesting



“Go out there, and JUST DO IT!”





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