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In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley interviewed Mike Kim!Mike Kim

Mike is a business consultant, speaker, and a chief marketing officer.  Mike is also the host of the Up and to the Right Podcast and the MikeKim.TV.

Let’s hear from Mike today!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Mike’s passion for music
  • What to consider when making a difficult decision
  • Mike talked about being burned out
    “Never let burnout be the deciding factor!” burned out
  • How to deal with being “burned out”
    -    Visualize the kind of life you have if you are not burned out.
    -     Know the source why you’re burned out, then take action steps.
  •  Mike’s 80 hours per week day jobs
    (Chief marketing position, pastoring a church, business in blogging)
  •  Accepting necessary endings
    dead end sign post
  •  How blogging became Mike’s avenue in sharing his life and business experiences
  •  The importance of having a life coach
  •  Assessing the career you value mostcareer-choice-assessment door 3 color
  •  Stepping into the unknown path of life
  •  Sharing your potentials to world
  •  How Mike starved the doubts in his life
    “Start within yourself and think big.”
  • Bringing traffic to your site
    -          Share stuff that are valuable to people.
    -          Be YOU!
  • Tips on how to start with your blog blog key pad
    -  Set up a landing page where people can give their emails.
    -  Write guest posts.
    -  Connect with other bloggers.
    -  Launch your blog.
    -  Ask friends to spread the word to your audience.
  •  How to start your own podcast microphone close up
    -          Map out your first 8-10 episodes.
    -          Deliver consistently.
  • Top three books Mike recommends for marketers:
    1. Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples
    2. Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
    3. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin
  • Why a leader should have confidence
  • Mike’s encouragement for discouraged people – Keep going!
    “The person who keeps on going will be rewarded.” keep running
  • Learning to encourage yourself
  • Focusing with great ideas
    “Set a time working with your ideas.”
  • What Mike is most proud of: Helping others grow in business
  • The person that interests Mike Kim


“You are more valuable than you think. You got something unique that you are called and assigned to share and impart to this world before you’re gone. Do the works, develop yourself, and fulfill your potentials.”


Additional Tips:

  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”
  • “The greatest gift that you can give to God and to people is to fulfill your potentials.”

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