starve banner  In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley, interviewed the man behind, Teach Your Passion and Kindle Your Passion. The very passionate entrepreneur is no other than Jonathan Milligan of the Miligan

Jonathan is really passionate in using his blogs as an avenue to share all the things he learned in life and business. His mission is to help people know what they really want and exhaust all the possible resources he can give to help people get to their dreams.

Jonathan is a blogger who learned to monetize his blogs while being able to add value and share helpful knowledge to people. This episode will help bloggers and starters do the same!


Here is what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Jonathan started with his career
  • Jonathan’s reason for starting his own blog
  • Monetizing your blog dollar key pad
  • Getting a career in blogging
  • Jonathan discussed what Blogging Your Passion is all about. blogging your passion banner
  • Why other bloggers need to know about
  • Knowing what your audience wants
    -          Spend time with them.
    -          Ask your audience what they want.
    -          Take note of their response.
    -          Conduct surveys.
  • Starting an online course
  • The importance of having an exclusive group of people in working with your ideas
  • How to put up a paid membership site join
  • Steps in making your members continue with their membership
    -    Give them what to expect.
    -    Post your contents in a regular schedule.
    -    Stay active in interacting with your audience in forums.
  • How you should think when building an online course
  • Disadvantages of information overload
  • Creating a course with a promisenetwork of people
  • Growing a healthy personal network 
  • Working in the age of technology
  • Ways on receiving online payments
  • Jonathan talked about the differences in the agenda of:
    (, Kindle Your Passion and Teach Your Passion)
  • Jonathan’s new courses in Teach Your Passion
  • Helping other individuals grow as a leader in Boost Leader Summit
  • What Jonathan would say to a person who says:
    -          “I like self discipline.”
    -          “I want to build a lifestyle business.”
    -          “I want to discover my passion.”
    -          “I want to live with greater focus.” Follow-your-passion
  • Jonathan shares his L.I.F.E goals
    -Location independent
    -Financial Freedom



Don’t think that you need to be an encyclopedia of knowledge to please your audience. Simply, share your ideas and experiences, add value to the community, and don’t forget to be YOU!


Additional Tips:

  • Your course must create a promise. And that promise should be kept.
  • Priorities are done early in the morning!
  • You have to be willing to change your mind set.
  • Figure out who will be your boss. You need to have both the worker hat and the boss hat!
  • Decide on what’s important! Write your goals.
  • Discovering your passion is discovering your unique gift.




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