Starve the Doubts Interview with Jerod Morris

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts, host Jared Easley, together with co-host Laura Elgueta from, interviewed Jerod Morris.

jerod moris

Jerod is the content director of Copy Blogger Media. He is also the host and co-founder of Assembly Call. Jerod is a writer, editor, and one of the most creative podcasters whom Jared considers to have come across with.

Check out Jerod’s work at and listen to Jerod’s LEDE Podcast.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Posting arresting images on your site
    Have a variety of sources.
  • Deciding on what contents to write and publish
    Will it be useful for the audience?
  • The revival of podcasting radio showspodcast mike and headphones
  • How to make your contents viral
    – Have a hook that will catch people’s attention in a second.
  • Jerod’s source of inspiration in writing his contents
  • The importance of practicecontent writing
  • Jerod’s system in writing – Set aside time and do it! 
  • Managing your time day to day – Find time and focus.
  • Tips in choosing your Word Press theme
  • How Jerod uses Google Hangouts for his podcast Google hangouts logo
  • What to consider in making your contents adoptable to other podcasts
    1. Maximize the medium.
    2. Think outside the box.
    thinking outside of th box
  • Best topics for Ever Green content
  • Jerod’s advice for people who want to become better writers 
    “To be better, you just have to always to do it.”
  • How to grow your blog audience Blogger with Bullhorn and Audience
    -   Have an Editorial Calendar.
    -   Develop within your audience a level of trust.
  • How to get better in writing when you don’t love doing it
    “Understand your goal, why are you writing?”
  • Who or what interests Jerod Morris?



Know your WHYIf you know it, everything may still not be easy but it will definitely be a a lot simpler.”





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