Starve the Doubts Interview with Jen McDough

starve banner   In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easly welcomes the Iron Lady, Jen McDough! Jen is known for winning in bodybuilding competitions until she become the Iron Jen Icon – a tough woman image!jen mcdough

Jen McDough shared her story of how she managed to be strong while getting out from an $180,000 worth of debt! We will know how a very meek person like Jen transformed in becoming a strong woman as she overcame crashing struggles in life. This episode moves as Jen McDough gives her advice on how it is possible to overcome inevitable adversities of life.  


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

    • Jen McDough in the past
      -          Know who Jen Mcdough was before she became the Iron Lady
      -          Jen Mcdough as a very private person in the past
      -          Someone who never had any social media involvement
    • Jen began to dream of becoming a weight lifter when she was seventeen years old!
    • The idea of strength draws Jen to her lifelong dream
    • The Iron Jen is a product of serious coaching
    • One of Jen’s biggest struggles in life is getting out from an $180,000 debt! debt
    • Know how Jen overcame the adversities that came to her life
    • The biggest adversities and traumatic experiences take place when we start the journey to greatness
    • The pile of adversities coming to life, crushing in your hope: death of brother, a seriously ill son, and debts over debts!
    • Pain is mostly the cause of the turning points in our lives
    • Jen’s triumph over real adversities inspired her to share them to other people by writing books.
    • The power of connecting to people
    • Having the sense of personal responsibility
    • Mapping out who you want to be
    • Taking the 180 degree turn! u-turn
      -          Make that every day step to get out of your comfort zone!
      -          Use the experiences of adversities to help people out get out of their own.
      -          Turn your back from being ordinary and reach for your greatest destiny
    • Know the key of how to get out from adversity!-          Stop making excuses and face the situation!
      -          Don’t make shortcuts to get away from the bumpy road of life, deal with them!
      -          Assess yourself and reflect with your actions
      -          Manage your time, maximize it with purposeful activities
      -          Know who you really want to be
      -          Be intentional when you focus on your goals!obstacle


The key to overcome life’s adversities is to focus, have the right attitude, and take action!

“When you are in the best days of your life, ask yourself how you can use this to help other people.”

“Starting to ask what can you do and stop complaining and making excuses.”

“Average is accepting what’s happening to you; accepting mediocre life; and accepting not being that extraordinary person you can possibly be.”