Starve the Doubts Interview with James Woosley

starve banner         In this episode, Jared Easley, host of Starve the Doubts, with co-host Jody Maberry of, interviewed the founder of Woosley Coaching and the author of “Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite: Simple Strategic Planning for You and Your Business.He is also a certified 48 Days facilitator. The man we are talking about is no other than James Woosley.

james woosley             James is a business coach, professor, author, and project manager professional. James had set his goal to empower, equip, and inspire people to step out in reaching their dreams and ambitions by starting with a significant transformation in the areas of planning and strategy.

The episode moved as James encouraged everyone to not let your kryptonite (weakness) stop you in reaching your dreams and ambitions in life!



Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why plan for your business?
  • Business strategy organizational charts and graphsThe importance of strategies and planning.
  • Improper planning –planning too much or planning too little.
  • The importance of having clarity and intention.
  • Getting confidence in your plan.
  • Why James considers himself an under achiever.
  • The importance of knowing your perception about your self. think-outside-of-box
  • Thinking outside of your parameters.
  • Going out from your comfort zones.
  • Knowing your greatest potentials.
  • Facing your greatest fears to get to your dreams.
  • Defeating your doubts.
  • Knowing that we all have weaknesses.
  • Turning your weaknesses to strengths.
  • Taking baby steps towards your business goals. baby-steps
  • James talked about his book Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite
    “Everyone of us have things that weigh us down.” 
  • conquer your kryptonite book The Conquer Your Kryptonite event
    • The Launching of Interactive Coaching Experience – how to build a plan in 2014.
  • James discussed his 40 goals before he hits 40 years old.
  • James talked about his new podcast show.
  • What would James do if he will start again from ZERO.
  • James gives his advice to entrepreneurs who are starting from zero.



“Doubts and fears will be there, you just have to face them!”



  • Sometimes, there’s more to what we can do than what we only perceive.
  • We all have this kryptonite in our lives – things that make us weak (procrastinations, doubts, fears…) We just need to learn to overcome it!



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