Starve the Doubts EP85 – Ray Edwards – See Things As They Really Are

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts Podcast, host Jared Easley together with co-host Randy Wilburn from interviewed Ray Edwards.

Ray EdwardsRay Edwards is a highly sought after direct response copy writer, specializing in online sales copy and direct sales website. He has written copies for hundreds of different businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Ray is the author of the books Money Words: Easy to Use Copy Writing and Marketing Secrets That Sell Anything to Anyone and Writing Riches:  Learn to How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales, and Master Your Financial Destiny with Results-Based Web Copy.

Learn how to boost profits, increase sales, and master your financial destiny with results-based web copy.


This episode is about:hiding-face-910278-m

  • Ray showing off his secret face more than his public face
  • The difference between “Secret Face” and “Public Face”
  • Is marketing evil?
  • How to simplify things – You must do less! Do Less Achieve More


  • How Ray encouraged himself through life’s adversaries
  • Ray explains: “Beginning with an ended mind.”
  • Seeing through the lens of our experienceslens of experience




  • The most important advice in having a copy writing business.
    It is not a protection for intellectual property.”
    -   Understand and speak in the language of the person you’re trying to persuade. copy writing
  • Ray defines the true meaning of Copy Writing
    -   writing persuasively to sell your product, services, or ideas
  • How to be good in persuasion
  • The Two Primary Motivations
  • Strategies in writing a powerful and persuasive content for your business
  • Ray’s transparency of his faith and how it affected his success
  • The importance of being who you really are
  • Why not please everyone?
  • Ray’s favorite events
  • The keys to hosting a successful eventevent success with confeti falling
    - Commitment to people
    – Figure out the cost of time in preparation of the event. Fill all the seats. Double the cost of time. Breathe and triple the time.
    – Get lots of help!
  • Be a lifelong learner.





Right thinking: “See things as they really are, not better or not worse. Then we can imagine how we want them to be. Then we make them the way we see them.”



  • Jesus Culture and Bethel Church
  • Sony NEX7 Mearless Camera System
  • Book: Writing Riches by Ray Edwards
  • Book: The True Secret of Success by Ray Edwards
  • Tribes – Seth Godin
  • Platform Event – Michael Hyatt
  • Heaven in Business – Andy and Janine (Maysan)
  • The Score Conference
  • New Media Expo
  • Launch –Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner

Additional Tips:

  • “The fastest and easiest way to persuade someone is with what’s already persuading them.” – Tony Robins
  • “To persuade someone, you have to enter the conversation that is already taking place in that person’s mind.” – Robert Collier
  • Most people are motivated by pain than by the promise of their pleasures.
  • When you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.
  •  “The moment that you decide that you know everything, that’s where you’ve chosen to level off.” – Bill Johnson


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