Starve the Doubts: Interview with Paul Cardall

starve banner   This has been one of the best episodes for me in Starve the Doubts. I’m pleased that Jared Easley, host of the show, took a little side-track from the usual entrepreneurial topic and gave way for an interview with a very special guest.

paul cardall

          The man that I’m talking about is known to have touched the lives of many people through his inspiring music –New Life Album. He is no other than Paul Cardall who is also known for having survived and lived all his life by having a heart transplant. But there seems to be more than just having a new artificial heart that made Paul live life to the fullest.

          If you want to know more about this,
let’s hear from Paul Cardall as he spoke encouragement to everyone about having a lot of perseverance in pursuing your craft and never giving up in life! 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Paul shares his story of being born with a heart defect and how he lived through it with a heart transplant. paul cardall as a baby
  • The support of Paul’s parents has always been his source of motivation.paul cardall family
  • Paul started to play piano during his teenage years that later become his craft.
  • Paul shares the greatest challenges he faced in life and how he was able to overcome them.paulcardall heart transplant
  • How Paul was able to cope with having regular heart surgeries as he grows older.
  • The story behind how Paul’s New Life album made a big hit despite being unrecognized by the crowd.
  • Know how Paul had success in his craft despite having:
    -          famous competitions in the music industry
    -          no label or popular title
    -          less media attentionpaul cardall new life
  • Paul shares the keys to getting where you’ve always wanted to be
    -          Perseverance in learning your craft.
    -          Studying your industry and the market.
    -          Persistency and dedication to enhance your talents and skills.
  • Paul shares the beauty of being in the “new age” market while his doing Christian Music.
  • Paul’s advice for people who wants to find success in pursuing their craft!paul cardall playing piano

-          Remember that each of us has our gifts, talents, and strengths.
-          Learn everything you can to master your skills.
-          Be as good as you can with your craft.
-          Involve people in what you’re doing and make them be excited about it!
-          Be aggressive in getting what you want and work to make it happen!




“Persistency, dedication, learning everything you can in your craft and talent, are the essentials for success”

“You should never give up, never surrender!”



  • Life is for living, laughing and loving whether you’re happy or not.” – Carol Pearson


  • Yanni – A  musical artist known for his original and deep compositions. He became one Paul Cardall’s biggest competitors when he was still starting in the industry
  • Carol Pearson – Author of The Transforming Leader, The Hero Within and more




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