Business of People in Leadership Podcast: Learn Public Speaking with Laura Mathis

After a week of gleaning from podcast episodes, this is the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Business of People in Leadership Podcast: Interview with Laura Mathis

JJ     In this episode, Jonathan Jarrell, host of invites Laura Mathis to the show!

Laura is a public speaker who is known for using acting elements in honing public speaking skills. She is also an excellent public speaking coach and a trainer. Laura is the author of the book Acting Skills for Lawyers which was published by the American Bar Association. She was also the founder of Sol Acting Academy, a school for film and theater acting which produced a number of Hollywood actors.

laura mathis

It is a vital aspect in business that we know how to be a good communicator to our clients and/or to our target markets.

Let’s learn from this episode as Laura talks about the techniques that make up a competent public speaker and the benefits it may bring to our business! 


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Techniques in making an interesting and a “catchy” speech.
  • The importance of preparation before you speak in public.
  • How to make a speech that would get the audiences’ attention.
  • Steps in constructing a speech:
    Research - Prepare slides or other visual presentations-  Rehearse )
     take notes before the speechppptvocal practic
  • Do’s and don’ts in using slide presentations.
  • Understanding the impact of public speaking to your audience.
  • How the audience watches every move and speech of the public speaker.audience listen
  • Overcoming nervousness in public speaking. nervous man
  • How to be confident in delivering your speech.
  • The importance of having passion in public speaking.
  • How to have a remarkable stage presence.stage-view
  • blog_boredHow to bring back the attention of your audience when they get bored:  
    -  Remind your audience why they are there
    -  Don’t drown your audience with too much information
    -  Make a connection with your audience.

  • The need for a leader to learn public speaking.
  • Feeling and owning the moment when you are speaking in front of the crowd.Obama speaks
  • Ways to improve in public speaking.
    -          Knowing and taping to your strengths.
    -          Working on your areas of opportunities.
    -          Having an appropriate and a variety of vocal tones.
    -          Proper execution of body gestures.  hand gestures
  • Laura’s worst clients.
  • Laura talks about her public speaking workshops.
  • Laura talks about her experience with TEDx.



In public speaking, the best way to manage nervousness is to be prepared!



- Know your material, rehearse out loud, go to the venue, set up the power point, consider the answers to the questions that may be asked - all of these things will build your confidence in public speaking.


  • TEDx -Program designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.
  • Book: Acting Skills for Lawyers by Laura Mathis
  • Sol Acting Academy – a school for film and theater acting


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