Starve the Doubts: Interview with John Saddington

starve banner     In this episode, Jared Easley, host of Starve the Doubts, invites the developer of Pressgram, John Saddington, who is known for his prolific apps and software developments.


Being a person who is skilled in the art of building technological tools, we would learn how a passionate app developer like John was able to reach his success.

This episode moves as John Saddington talks about reaching your success by connecting with business partners; getting some passionate people to help; and bringing your theories to execution!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • John gives his view about conferences.
  • Know what to remember when re-branding.
  • John talks about business partnerships.
    -  Being comfortable with the insecurities of your business partners helps a lot.
    -  It’s good to have humorous conversations with them and treat them as friends.happy partners -  There will be conflicts with partnerships.
    -  Partnerships tend to end but a proper exit door should seal it.
    -  There may always be future opportunities for other business partners.
  • John shares the secret of having a successful product launch! 
    –“Get an army of passionate people!” braveheart
  • John talks about the challenges he faced during the process of Kickstarter Funding.
  • John challenges Kickstarters to double their giving!                                                     give              kickstarter
  • John overcomes self-doubt because of having people who always support and encourage him.
  • A  technique from John: Being less emotionally engaged in a situation. unlink
  • Two important questions to ask when assessing your team:  
    1.    How important are other people in the completion of your product?motivate your team
    2.    Is there a way to leverage the power of passionate people and give them a supercharged motivation?
  • The importance of transparency and honesty to yourself and to your team.
  • John shares how to handle doubts while being able to present a positive attitude.
  • John’s way of resisting negativity, resistance and self doubt? – Simply get your focus back to work!  stay focused
  • John shares a way to build a software using a pragmatic approach.
  • John talks about the features and what to expect from pressgram



“Executions are far more important than theorizing. Go and do the things you feel in your heart you want to do and see what happens!”



  • “Idle hands can bring you more despair.”
  • “Get some help! There is no pride and reward by doing so much by yourself.”
  • “Get some people around you to help and you’ll go faster.”


  • Pressgram - An app developed by John Saddington that is used to filter and publish photos in your wordpress account.
  • KickStarter -The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.



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