Starve the Doubts: Interview with John Miller

starve the doubts with jared


In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley invites John Miller in the show.

John is a salesperson, speaker, and author of Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional and founder of


The episode moves as John talks about the “what” and “why” in the QBQ (Questions Behind Questions) way!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • qbqKnow more about John’s book: The Question Behind Question 
  • The person who is told to wait vs. the person who waits to be told
  • Why winners fall forward?
  • The Personal Accountability Principle
    “Personal Accountability is foundational.”

    -          Knowing what you can do to adapt
    -          Asking “What can I do?”
  • Why not ask “WHY”?
  • Life experiences that fills John’s passion
    -          Death in the family
    -          Grew up in dysfunctional home
    -          Imperfect marriage
  • Using QBQ in parenting
  • Practicing personal accountability with spouse
  • Using QBQ to become a better leader, coach, and a parent
  • John’s ways of being a strong parent
  • Knowing what you can do to make a difference
    -         Ask yourself, “What can I do to make a difference – how can I contribute?
  • Changing yourself instead of changing the world
    -         Ask yourself: 
    “How can I let go of what I can’t control?”
    “How can I change – me?” mystery-man
  • How does a child become a product of parenting?
  • Tips on how to improve PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS
    “Speaking is a skill.”

    -          Be passionate in studying the craft
    -          A good speaker must have a coach
  • Are you a risk taker or a doubter?
    “I’d rather have my people often wrong but never in doubt.”
  • John talks about



“Winners and successful people fall, but they fall forward.”



  • Go to the person that frustrates you and ask them what you can do differently.
  • Everything we teach comes back to “I can only change me.”
  • It is good to be in a position where you can choose whom you’ll work with. 


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