Starve the Doubts: Interview with Erika Napoletano

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In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley invites Erika Napoletano in the show!


Erika is a strong woman who is known to find success in life and entrepreneurship by being true to herself and to others. Her unique personality is her secret  in reaching her entrepreneurial goals.

This episode moves as Erika talks about how she—using her own personality, does marketing, building a brand, and dealing with clients! 



Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Traditional publishing versus self publishing.
  • The audience as Erika’s primary motivation in pursuing what she does
  • Best marketing strategy is when you spend more time with your audience and care for their insightsengage-audience-v2-510
  • Why you should love your clients and everyone you work with
  • Seeing your clients’ value more than the monetary gain
  • Choosing only the projects you want and can work on
  • The principle of human-to-human business: “People buy things from people.”dealingwithpeople
  • Finding the right community that will build you up
  • Know how Erika deals with her haters
  • Erika talks about her entrepreneurial writing career
  • Erika’s tips in building your own brand: Branding-AddingTheingToYourBrand -          Be firm to your concept
    -          Remember that what you do may not always be for everyone
    -          Use your own personality and intent in building your brand
    “It’s more noble endeavor to preach to the converted instead of trying to convert.”
  • Building your business by serving your audience
  • Erika points out that not picking a side leaves people indifferent
  • Erika’s encouragement to overcome fears and self doubt:
    -           Surround yourself with people who give you room for more honesty
  • Erika talks about Inbound13 presentationsib13
  • Know the most powerful tool Erika has!
  • Erika describes herself as woman of work in progress
  • Erika as a person who wants to make a difference by being true to herself and to the people around her
  • Erika’s honesty in front of her audience brings her to where she is now
  • Erika’s true strength—all-out honesty!



“You win friends and influence people by being genuine.”



  • “Don’t tear someone down so you can build yourself up.”
  • “Be human and relatable to your audience.”



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