Starve the Doubts: Interview with Chris Pirillo

starve banner     In this episode, Starve the Doubts welcomes Chris Pirillo into the show! Chris is known for being a tech savvy–-and in that, I mean real “techy.”

Chris Pirillo 1

In this interview, Chris shares the importance of using technology with creativity. Chris is also known for having a lot of YouTube subscribers. Something about Chris makes the crowd find him interesting especially when you get to see his videos in YouTube. This episode with Chris Pirillo helps the listeners release creativity in the high-tech generation.


 Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

    • Chris Pirillo’s measure of influence
    • Chris defines technology as a tool that gets things done easier
    • Know how Chris handles his online critics
    • The Apps that Chris uses in his phone: paper karma, cone karma, clod cam
    • Chris’ humbling moments
    • The importance of living away from a borrowed time
    • Know how Chris started his journey and how he starved his doubts
    • Chris’ definition of success: relative and defined differently by each person
    • Chris is grateful of two things: 
      chris 2

1.   The ability to do things
2.   Knowing what he is able to do

  • Chris overcomes his self doubt
  • Taking control  of your resources
  • Dealing and managing shortcomings
  • Having a positive vision for doing better things
  • Being aware that self-doubt exists
  • Chris’ encouragement for bloggers like him
  • Put a lot of layer of creativity in your contentchris
  • Make sure to win your crowd’s trust
  • Be YOU! Put your personality in your content and in your whole package
  • Knowing your own purpose in blogging
  • Chris shares the reason why he blogs
  • Chris talks about what made him put up Pirillo Picks pirillo-picks-002-video
  • Know what makes Chris’ videos very creative
  • Chris shares why he initiated running Blogger Fair –the bloggers get together!


“There’s a model that can be reflected in any business model, pay attention to your community, do your best for them.”

“You’re only as good as your last update.”
“It takes the right team to be able to execute things properly.”



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