Starve the Doubts: Interview with Chloe Grabanski

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In this episode, host of Stave the Doubts Jared Easley invites a woman who was once a prisoner of depression, but was able to rise above this overwhelming struggle of her life. She is no other than Chloe Grabanski from the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms and campaign The Storytellers – which aim to reach out people, especially teenagers who feel alone in their battle towards depression and addictions.

Chloe Grabanski

Chloe provided avenues where one can seek help regarding mental health problems such as depression and addictions and encourages everyone to take part in programs that extends help to these serious concerns.

The episode moves as Chloe inspires everyone with her very own story of freedom over depression!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Chloe’s experience of depression back in her high school years
  • Depression as a mental health problem
  • Chloe shared that she had almost everything good yet still suffered depression
    -          Came from a good family background
    -          She had great friends
    -          Chloe had cars and everything a girl would need
  • What depression meant for Chloe depression –  Depression made Chloe feel alone and unsure of herself
    -  Because of Chloe’s fears, she had hard times handling situations in her life
  • Chloe entered into a counselling program upon entering college
  • The positive impacts of consistent counselling to Chloe: teen girl counceling
    -  Chloe felt that she is no longer alone in her pain
    -  Chloe was able to find confidence in expressing herself gradually
    -  She felt that she is walking with someone who believed in her
    -  Chloe’s depression subsided in time until she was freed from it!
  • The value of staying with people on their side until they overcome depression
  • People with depression must be part of a community where they can feel they are valued and lovedmud community
  • Chloe defines the difference between depression and having “just nonstop timeproblems”  – “Depression takes a longer time to go away.” 
  • Depression stays and it’s more than just “being sad”
  • Chloe’s advice on how to help people get out of depression: be with them -          Be at their side all the time
    -          Listen to their story
    -          Walk with them in their battle against depression
  • Chloe shares the key setting goals to leave the past behind and move forward
  • Chloe talks about what Storytellers campaign does for high school students twolha community
  • Chloe shares stories of students who joined Storytellers campaign triumphed over depression and addictions
  • Chloe talked the about the goals and mission of To Write Love On Her Arms organization 




“You’re not alone in your pain. You don’t have to believe the lies that your head is telling you.”



  • “Do not give in, we are all easily drawn to the negative and believe the lies in our head.”


  • To Write Love On Her Arms – Non- profit organization that provides help for anyone who struggles from mental health problems such as addiction and depression
  • The Storytellers – A campaign richly designed for extending help and sending people in the environment of high school students who have cases of mental health problems (depression, addictions, bullying, etc.).
  • An organization that focuses on finding solutions for cases such as bullying.

(If you want to take part in charity that gives help like this, please go to their site).



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