STARVE THE DOUBTS: Interview with Bob Burg

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In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley, invites Bob Burg to the show! Bob is the author of Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion – a how-to-book stuffed with real life stories that provide principles on how to influence people and win them over to your side. Bob-Burg-810

Aside from being known as a bestselling author for his other books, Bob is also as an international seminar speaker, relationship marketing authority, free marketing advocate, lover of liberty, and seeker of wisdom. Indeed, Bob is a man who has great passion for influencing people.

Let’s learn in this episode as Bob Burg talks about dealing with people the right way as well as managing your emotion. These make a good starting point in becoming a great “influencer”!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to improve your people skills.
    people skills
  • The potential questions that may lead to misunderstanding.
  • Who are the people with people skills.
  • We are all driven by our emotions. happy-sad-faces
    “As human beings we are emotional creatures. To a certain extent we are logical. But mostly, we are all emotion-driven.”
  • Taking over your emotions rather than allowing it to control you.
               “By all means take your emotions along for the ride but make sure YOU are driving the car.” 
  • Technical Skills versus People Skills
    - How to handle your boss with technical skills but lacks people skills. immature boss
  • Bob talks about his book Adversaries and Allies -Know more about!adversaries into alies
  • Handling situations properly today and in the future leads to a long lasting success
  • The Five Principles of Ultimate Influence!influence box
  1. Control your emotions.
  2. Understand the clash of belief systems.
  3. Acknowledge their ego.
  4. Set the proper frame.
  5. Communicate with tact and empathy.
  • Being able to say “NO” when you want to say no   
  • say-no-No for defensiveness, show more kindness and politeness – then surely you will not get into trouble when you say No!
  • Aligning your wants to  the wants of others sihlouette peopple







Influence is not really about us, it’s about other people.



  • Have short chapters in writing books – the shorter the better.
  • Influencers don’t “push.”  Great influencers “PULL” and attract people to their idea.
  • Make several studies of people skills.
  • Tact is the language of strength. We need this in correcting people.




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