starve banner In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley welcomes his co-host, Chelsea Avery of, as they interview the guest of the day. Interestingly, the guest was no other than Chelsea’s husband, Ryan Avery.

Ryan Avery is the co-author of the book Speaker, Leader, Champion: Succeed at Work through the Power of Public Speaking. One of Ryan’s greatest achievements was when he became the champion of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Amazing! Ryan-Avery-Keynote-Speaker

The episode moved as Ryan talked about the importance and power of our voice and why we should step out and share our message to the world Ryan shared the greatest principles he learned as a speaker and how these led him to become more passionate in motivating others to speak up.

Having said that, Ryan is not just an author, but a world champion public speaker.  The episode also gave a glimpse of the new world record Ryan is pursuing. Let’s learn from the champion today!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The change in Ryan’s life after winning the World Championship of Public Speaking 
    “The key to success and anything in life is how well you can communicate.”
    ryan-avery speaking in toastmaster “You can have ideas, products, and services but until you are able to effectively communicate the value of what you provide, you have nothing.” Ryan Avery champion with finalists in world speaking championship
  • Ryan’s turning point:  From a non-profit organization to putting up his own  business
  • From being an average to being the best
  • Being a full time professional speaker
  • Ryan’s passion in teaching everyone to use the power of their voice
  • Use your voice, deliver your message! speak out silouet
    “There are so many people out there that are so afraid to do it. You have to be that person to step up and show them. It’s ok. Do not be afraid.”
  • Share your unique ideas and experiences – Inspire others!
    “Your voice is the most powerful tool in the planet!”
  • Widening your knowledge (read books, watch movies, etc.)
  • Ryan’s takeaways from his speaking workshop tour across North America 
  • Add value. Do it your way. See lives change. Be beyond successful!
    “You have to go in and add value. Don’t think about looking funny. Don’t think about being perceived as great. Just go in there and add value the way you want to add value!”
  • Working with Plan A and B
  • Leaving a place that you love: Why Ryan and Chelsea temporarily moved from Oregon to Texas
    Avery on Texas
  • What about travel more?
    “When you travel, you get to see what else is out there. And what you learn is not the only way or the right way. It’s just the way that works for you.”
  • How Ryan and Chelsea managed to draw a great number of audience to their workshop
  • The biggest lessons Ryan learned as a person from his speech workshop tour
  • Ryan talked about his Big Book Launch – getting into a new World Record!
  • Ryan’s advice for people who fear failure -  “You’re going to fail…be comfortable of failure.”
  • Redefine failure into an inspiration – Be excited about failure!
    “Leaders are always inspired with failure.”
    Fail stamp
    “Quit being afraid…If you’re afraid and you won’t take action, there’s a 100% chance that you won’t succeed.”   
  • Ryan’s big dreams on the horizon!
  • Ryan’s biggest take away for the listeners, Keep Using Your Voice to Make a Difference!”



Not everyone has the privilege to communicate with their voices, so step out and speak your message. Don’t be afraid; start inspiring others using your voice!


Additional Tips:

  • Good communication = good relationships = good life.
  • Look into the people and see how their lives are changed when you step in and add value.
  • A good leader is ought to be a good speaker.
  • Get up!  Do the things you know you can do.
  • Don’t be afraid…If you think you want to do it, just do it!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Always remember to dream big!





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