Smart Passive Income (SPI070 : The Brain, The Equation of Emotion and How We Feel)


SPI 065

In this episode, Pat Flynn had a conversation with Sean Webb, author of How Emotions Work, regarding the brain and why and how we feel what we feel.

In this episode the following topics had been discussed:

  • The reason(s) Sean walked away from his successful, 6-figure job.
  • Sean’s presentation about what he discovered about emotion to M.I.T. and Georgia Tech.
  • The equation of emotion and why it plays a role in everything that we do.
  • Specific examples of how one may be able to use the equation of emotion to improve their business.
  • How Pat personally, could have improved his own situation when his servers went down for an entire week a couple of months ago.
  • Whether or not changing your expectations is simply a way of fooling yourself.
  • Some of our favorite quotes to live by.

Sean Webb

During the conversation, Sean had stressed out his discussion on one’s sense of self and how attached one can be with his preference/expectation helps dictate how much emotion one feel. Aside from this, Sean was also able to emphasize and explain the benefit of meditation to control one’s mind.

What I love about this episode is that concepts about brain/psychology/Sean’s equation are coupled with discussion on experiences and real life scenarios.

Additional Quotes:

  • “Whether you think, you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford
  • “Learn from your failures.”
  • “Haters are going to hate.”
  • “Control your mind or it will control you.”- Horace
  • “World peace can only be attained through inner peace.” – Gandhi


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