Smart Passive Income EP069: How to Build Buzz and Why It’s Better than Hype

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Smart Passive Income Episode 069: How to Build Buzz and Why It’s Better than Hype

Smart Passive iNcome

In this episode, Pat Flynn talks about how to catch attention from your audience by BUILDING A BUZZ - and how this creates anticipation and excitement for them. Pat further discussed how to make your audience more excited and explained why this is better than hype!  SPI 065

Pat also clears out that to have amazing results, building a buzz should have enough preparation and an effective execution.

Here is what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Who creates the Buzz and who fills it?
  • BUZZ” as a term used in marketingbuzz1
  • THE GOOD NEWS: All tools are available now to create a buzz! 
    “Tools are needed to be used correctly in order for them to work for us.”
  • The main difference between“HYPE” and “BUZZ” 
    Know the answers from these questions:
    –        What gets people excited?
    –        How and why people are getting excited?
  •   Definition of hype: a form self promotion
    –        Extravagant and intensive publicity
    –        To trick and swindle
    –        An outbound caused excitement
  • The negativity caused by over-hypingoverhyped2
  • Buzz as an inbound form of excitement - “A busy rumor”
  • The importance of knowing which companies creates a lot of Buzz
  • Reasons why the company of Apple creates a lot of buzz  in the market apple universe
    –          They have a great number of existing customers
    “Building buzz is easiest when you already have an existing audience.”

  • Start building buzz with your contacts and the people you know 
    –          These are the people whom you would and initially excite!
    (friends, relatives, colleagues, co-workers)    
  • Creating an “expectation” to build a buzz
  • Techniques on how to set the right expectations to your audience
  • Setting your buzz in a predictable schedule schedule
  • Knowing how to start a buzz even without a large customer-based business
  • Getting your first 10,100 or 1,000 customers and loving them!
    “They should be everything to you. Love them and aways get them excited!” 
  • Putting yourself to platforms where there are a great number of existing people


In the middle of the discussion, Pat shared an audio clip from a man who was a former nobody but changed his whole life when he started to make things happen. Here are the contents of the audio clip:

-       He talked about the book 1,000 True Fans
-       Choosing the least crowded channel to connect with people
-       Guides on how to present your product to the audience face to face
-       Making people interested on what he is doing
-       Utilizing power and building  relationships
-       Putting in the hard work builds a buzz for him


Lastly, Pat discussed 9 strategies to really hit that “buzz” which is proven to get the attention of your audience and make a contiguous sound of interest for your product or content.


1.      Meet and greet and share what’s neat!
2.      Building relationships and real friendships online.
3.      The power of creating a wait list.
4.      Scarcity  places limits which increases immediate demands.
5.      Make a huge event out of your product!
6.      Create a series leading up to your event.
7.      Host webinars and free services!
8.      Run a sweepstakes or a contest.
9.      Get great testimonies and share it!



“Expectation is the backbone of building a buzz.”

“If you have something awesome, something you know that is helpful for people and worth talking about; if you just build it, you’ll lose it. You can’t just build it, you have to market it!”



  • “Find your true fans and get them to become your ambassadors – get them involved.”
  • “Buzz is so powerful; and this is a strategy you can take to infinity and beyond!”
  • “Go out there and make things happen!”


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