Sales Evangelist EP22: The Power of a Customized Thank You Note

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In this episode of the Sales Evangelist Podcast, host Donald Kelly talked about a very simple yet a very important thing we should remember especially in sales and business. Donald Kelly sitting on stairs

Two words, “Thank you!” Donald highlighted the impact of giving a thank you note and how it means a lot to the people who receive it.

The episode moved as Donald Kelly shared his story when he received a customized thank you note from VA Game Plan.  Donald was very excited to share the positive impact a thank you note may bring to you and to your business.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Donald shared his experience with VA Gameplan virtual assistance and when he received a thank you note from them. VA GamePlan Banner
  • Going above the ordinary – Make something extra ordinary! Donald Kelly's thank you note from Hutch VA Gameplan
  • Creating a custom made thank you note
  • 3 things Donald felt after receiving his custom made thank you note directly from his mail box.
    “They made me feel:”
    1. Appreciated, satisfied, and excited about them.
    2. They were real.
    3. It’s memorable.
  • How to stand out from other businesses
  • The importance of giving out a hand written or a customized thank you note for your clients and business partners. thank you note
  • How to become memorable in the eyes of your clients and prospects to the point that they would tell others about you. satisfied client
  • How to build stronger relationships with your clients and increase your referrals.




“Show them you’re real and that you truly care about them… Go out there and do big things!”

Additional Tip:

  • Take time to do things personally for them.




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