Rise To The Top (How Did Dan Andrews Take The Lifestyle Business Podcast from 0 to Over 1,000,000 Downloads?)

In this episode, David Siteman Garland interviews Dan Andrews on how he was able to turn his lifestyle business podcast downloads to a million with 200+ 5 star reviews on itunes.


During the interview, Dan was able to talk and discuss how he started in creating a platform. His interest in hard goods and e-commerce plus his fondness of listening to podcasts had paved the way for him to start the Lifestyle Business Podcast.


He also discussed the format of the podcast content which includes 5-points, reviews, teasers or jokes, etc. His episode on SOP was his pride for changing many small businesses. “There is a big difference between power on content and popularity of content”, he stressed.

The highlights of this episode were regarding David’s discussion with Dan regarding building audience and monetization.

 Tips he discussed to build an audience are as follows:

  • Always have a message plus making a difference
  • “Do the podcast for your audience”
  • Always speak with integrity.
  • Meet those people in person
  • Understand who they are.

 Tactics in promoting his podcast were also discussed, as follows:

  • Have a super high lifetime value of customers (focus on your audience).
  • Always do the back linking from and with audiences.

When to start monetizing? (Sell back catalog in affiliate marketing. Sell something unique of a value. Set networking to people.), David asked.

  • See what you can do as soon as you can. (consultation phone calls)
  • Start getting idea what people need. (set some parties to meet people)

Additional Tips:

“No matter what you’re doing, do not start with beginners.” – Dan Andrews


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