ReLaunch EP1: Surviving to Thriving with Tim Sanders “Today We Are Rich!”

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This is the very first episode of Relaunch Podcast! Relaunch is hosted by Joel Boggess, an expert in counseling, psychology, and personal growth. He is also the author of Finding Your Voice. His co-host is Pei Kang, a dentist and a business coach.

The show aims to give listeners fresh ideas, inspiring stories, practical tips, and solutions. Joel and Pei’s first ever guest for the show is no other than “the” Tim Sanders. Tim-Sanders

Tim is today’s one of the most in-demand speaker and author. He wrote the books Saving the World at Work, The Likeability Factor, Love is the Killer App and his most recent number one New York Times bestselling book Today We Are Rich!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Tim’s story when had his own re-launch in life and career
  • Finding the champion in yourself
    champion sillouette
  • Answering the question: What are you not doing at the bottom that you did everyday when you were on top?”
  • Key Habits yielding towards generosity
  • Being a person of service 
    “You cannot be a person of significance if you are not 100% a person of service.” serve
  • Relearning your learning
    -          Going through the relearning process as you enter into transitions
  • Tim’s story on how he relearned his habits
    undo button
  • How to Undo Habits
  • The Law of Leadership Physics - expand more than others are expanding!
  • Books that helped Tim in his re-launch
  • The secret to a quick decision 
    “When you feed your gut enough; you can trust your mind in that moment of crisis which is a moment of opportunities.”
  • The Power of Now
      “I am not my thoughts.”
    the power of now
  • Tim talked about his insights in writing his book Love is the Killer Applove is the killer app
  • A Secret to Business: Promoting the growth and happiness of the person that you love
  • The value of generosity and giving
  • Takeaways of readers from the book of Love is the Killer App
  • Morning Gratitude Exercise – your first minutes when you wake up in the morning
    morning gratitude
    “Gratitude is a mindset, not a feeling.”
  • Tim’s activities in his morning gratitude routine




“We will always go to re-launches. It will never be over. The only way to be successful from those re-launch periods is to continually expand yourself.”   

Additional Tips:

  • Generosity is the only way to get rich.
  • Be very quick to make a decision and slow to undo it.
  • The leader’s role is to define reality.
  • We can’t have fear and gratitude at the same time.



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