Podcast of the Month: Lifestyle Business Podcast EP129 ( Business Idea Smackdown)

After having the Podcast of the Week entries for March, it’s now time to reveal the Podcast of the Month!

There were four Podcast of the Week entries last month, and all of them made great contributions in terms of entrepreneurial tips, ideas, and valuable skills for podcast listeners. But still, there will always be one podcast that will stand out.

Every month, we will choose one from the Podcast of the Week entries that we regard as the best podcast episode which will take the place of Podcast of the Month.

For a quick recap, here are the Podcast of the Week entries for the entire month of March:

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast EP139 hosted by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen talked about some guidelines on how to go from making average profit from your business to making a killing!
  • 48 Days Online: You’re Wasting Time Throwing Stones  In this episode, host Dan Miler compared the obstacles we meet along the path towards success to “barking dogs.” He discussed how we should not waste our time keeping all of these obstacles away and continue to redirect our focus towards our goals.


Now that the we know which podcasts have landed as Podcast of the Week,  it’s time to announce the Podcast of the Month for March!

The Podcast of the Month winner is:

Lifestyle Business Podcast EP129: Business Idea Smackdown
by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen

The show is hosted by two great hosts Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen and this episode is just one of their bests!

Dan and Ian are great partners in delivering entrepreneurial principles, business tips, and ideas for the show. They are one of the good tandems in answering business questions sent by their podcast listeners themselves.  lifestylebusiness

The episode differs this time as Dan and Ian battle against each other leading to a business idea smack down! Challenging entrepreneurial questions from podcast listeners set the show on fire with four rounds of business ideas. Dan and Ian gave their own sides answering each questions professionally and based on their very own experiences in their journey to success as entrepreneurs.

The throw of ideas from both Dan and Ian were filled with insights that are surely helpful for  podcast listeners.

This was definitely an episode deserving of the Podcast of the Month!



Please leave comments regarding what you would like to see on podcasttakeaways.com in the future.  

It is our desire to serve you by providing suggestions for the best podcast episodes to digest.  At this time, the podcasts reviewed were leaning more into business focus.  We hope to branch out into other genres at a later date!


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