Podcast of the Month: June 2013 (STARVE 009)

There are times when decisions come naturally, and there are times when you really need to look at a decision from multiple angles.

I had three finalists for the podcast of the month.  My only intention last month was that I would spend extra time listening to newer shows.  Little did I know that later on, these newer shows would become my podcasts of the week.

The runners-up were David J. Soler and Amy Porterfield’s shows.  I need to clarify why they are being placed in this position.  I am a student of the Internet Business Mastery Academy.  One of the learning techniques that they teach is just-in-time learning.  These two podcasts are one’s I will archive when I plan on using the information they provided.  David and Amy, great job with your shows!  I look forward to listening to more of what you put out on your podcasts.

The Podcast of the Month Winner is:

STARVE009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking

Starve The Doubts

Jared Easley put together a great interview with Ryan Avery.

When I listened to the show again, I became more impressed with this episode.  Ryan Avery talks about using positive pressure to achieve your goals.  It makes me think about how often people are affected by peer pressure.  If we have the right peers, then that pressure can be directed in the right ways.

This is definitely an episode worthy of the podcast of the month.  Please add any comments below.




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