Podcast of the Month: Making Mountains Move Podomatic (When Life Slaps You in the Face)

Another great month for PodcastTakeAways.com! After having the Podcast of the Week entries for February, it’s always exciting to pick the Podcast of the Month.

There were four Podcast of the Week entries last month, and all of them made great contributions in terms of entrepreneurial tips, ideas, and valuable skills for podcast listeners. But still, there will always be one podcast that will stand out.

Every month, we will choose one from the Podcast of the Week entries that we regard as the best  podcast episode to take the place of the Podcast of the Month.

For a quick recap, here are the Podcast of the Week entries for the entire month of February:

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast EP138 hosted by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen. This episode talked about how successful entrepreneurs are able to make their way to a winning business. They also answered six questions sent by podcast listeners about tips and ideas they could use for their own businesses.
  • Smart Passive Income EP069 hosted by Pat Flynn. The episode talked about the difference of building a buzz in getting the attention of your audience from simply just hyping them up. Pat emphasized that building a buzz that can make your audience excited takes a wise preparation and proper execution.
  • Foolish Adventure Show EP157 hosted by Tim Conley with guest co-host Lain Ehmann. On this episode, they tackled one of the biggest steps an entrepreneur has to take to reach success. And that is to move out from your comfort zones and get yourselves ready to face resistance. The episode encourages us that it’s worth to take that risk.


Now that the we know which podcasts have landed as Podcast of the Week,  it’s time to announce the Podcast of the Month for February!

The Podcast of the Month winner is:

Making Mountains Move Podomatic: When Life Slaps You in the Face 
by Chuck Morrison

This is one of the best episodes for me because it talks a lot about how to get your feet back up when everything seems to be crushing you down. Sounds familiar? Everyone of us experiences facing resistance in life and it mostly happens when we are pursuing our greatest dreams and goals. making-mountains-move-inspiration

The episode moves as Chuck Morrison shares his turning point in life when he realized that he doesn’t want to settle in just watching other people’s dream come to reality while he is stuck in just living an average life. This was the moment where life seems to slap it off Chuck’s face that he has to start living out his dreams and move into action to get there.

Chuck was able to hit a lot of areas that an individual needs to work on if he wants to live out the best in his life. The episode was also packed with strategies and key points on what to do when you think you have already given all that you have to reach your goal but the difficulties you’re facing are just too hard to take.

Chuck’s word:  “Get back to your focus, remember your mission and when life slaps it all to your face, SLAP IT BACK!”

This was definitely an episode deserving of the Podcast of the Month!



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