Podcast Episode Winner of the Week 009 (BlogcastFM: The First 20 Hours of Learning Any Skill with Josh Kaufman)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways. The primary goal of PodcastTakeAways.com is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you cherry-pick the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

The First 20 Hours of Learning Any Skill with Josh Kaufman


In this episode of Blogcast FM, Srinivas Rao had an interview with Josh Kaufman, author of the Personal MBA and First 20 Hours.

In the first part of the discussion, Josh was able to provide his simple background. According to Josh, his book entitled Personal MBA was taken inspiration from the thousands of books he had read. During the interview, Josh provided a bunch of tactical information and tips.

josh kaufman

These are some of the important discussions made during the interview:

  • What Can the Marketing of Procter and Gamble provide to you
  • Information on How You Can Conduct Consumer Research
  • The Essence of Rapid Experimentation in Your Early Days
  • The Pros You Have Over Procter and Gamble
  • Translating Data and Insights into Something Actionable
  • Why You Should Tune Out What Other People Are Doing
  • The Power of Taking a Very Strong Stand on Things
  • Dissecting How to Give Yourself an MBA
  • An In-Depth Exploration of Self-Directed Learning
  • Deconstructing Things into Smaller Parts
  • The Growth and Many Iterations of the Personal MBA
  • The #1 Mistake You’ve Heard 1,000 Times
  • Seeds for What Resulted in the First 20 Hours
  • An In-Depth Look into Josh’s Accelerated Learning Model

According to Josh, Marketing of Procter and Gamble focus on teaching someone the fundamentals of marketing (who you are building something for, the connection between what the company provides with what customers wanted). This insight was presented in his book Personal MBA.

josh kaufman1

In addition to this, according to Josh, getting started into something can be done by doing experimentation of taking responses from other people.

Josh was also able give the following tips (from Personal MBA) in the experimentation process that will make it useful for someone to take action:

  • Pay attention to the responses. (Priming your brain)
  • Actively reach to people who are interested in the matter of discussion.

My Biggest Takeaways:

Don’t be afraid to make a stand on something. – Josh Kaufman

The next best time to plant a tree is NOW – Josh Kaufman.

Josh had also discussed about the Personal MBA’s mental model. In this model, all situations can have a fundamental idea that you can generally apply into. Personal MBA had evolved from a form to a website to a blog, Josh also shared. This book was intended for someone to be able to learn about business. Aside from the discussion of his book, Josh was also able to stress out in the episode, the importance of email lists.

First 20 hours, on the other hand, was also discussed in the episode. Josh was able to be inspired in writing the book because of his passion to learn new skills despite becoming a parent. He also was able to explain the method he had presented in the book. He emphasized super common sense (target performance level) plus research and one should practice the skill. Put a pre-commitment (for 20 hours) on learning something, Josh also emphasized. What is good about the discussion of this book is Josh sharing his experience on learning something (windsurfing). Josh also had discussed the importance of podcasts and blogs with marketing a book.

Josh, in the last part of the discussion provided tips that allowed him to reach success, as follows:

  • Willing to jump in and get their hands dirty by learning a skill (writing, do podcast, sell a course)
  • Amount of Persistence in doing something interesting and cool in a new way.

Additional Tips:

  • It’s not enough to be better anymore. You have to be different. – Josh Kaufman
  • If you’re trying to please every single person on earth, you’ll drive yourself crazy. – Josh Kaufman


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