Podcast Episode Winner of the Week 008 (How to Use Facebook to Sell: Episode 009)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways.  The primary goal of PodcastTakeAways.com is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you cherry-pick the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

Episode 009, How to Use Facebook to Sell


The episode focused on the discussion of the part three of a three-part Facebook marketing mini-training.

During this episode, three phases are considered in building a plan when it comes to marketing on Facebook.  Discussed are the following: Attraction, Promotion, and  Selling.

To tap it more, the episode “keys in” on the selling phase. It was emphasized that the focus during this phase is turning a prospect into a loyal customer.

In addition to this, the episode showed one how to incorporate easy email marketing strategies with your Facebook efforts to see bigger results (aka profits!). She also added some invaluable tips to be able to stress out the importance of creating a solid email campaign for your new Facebook leads. Thus, she invited her friend and email marketing expert, DJ Waldow join her in this episode. DJ is known for his famous website called WaldowSocial.com and he’s the co-author of the book, The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing. She said, “DJ is my go-to guy for all things email marketing.”

The episode includes the discussion of the following topics:

  • How to create email campaigns that are specifically geared to your new Facebook leads.
  •  How to put more of your Facebook marketing on autopilot.
  •  How to deploy an autoresponder sequence once you get a new Facebook lead.
  •  A formula to ensure that you are getting the most out of the efforts you’re putting into getting leads.
  •  A common misconception about Facebook marketing.
  •  How the right perspective will reduce the stress of selling on Facebook.

Additional Tips:

“Facebook is a relationship kickstarter and one’s lanching pad.” – Amy Poterfield

“To be more human in how you communicate with your audience.” – DJ Waldow

“Every email should have a goal, a call to action, something someone wants to do.” – DJ Waldow

“Headlines or subject lines are so critical when it comes to email marketing.” – DJ Waldow

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