Perseverance- Warrior Mind Coach Episode 133

I listened to a new podcast done by Gregg Swanson called the Warrior Mind Coach.  It seems to be a good one to begin on.  This episode is about perseverance.  It is a short message, but it has a lot of punch to it.  Here are the main takeaways:

  • Hit obstacles and keep going
  • Ask yourself this question, “How long would I be willing to go after that goal?”  
  • Make sure that the actions you take align with your purpose. When you have passion behind your purpose, it doesn’t matter

Here is a link to the corresponding page: Warrior Mind Coach Episode 133

This podcast made me think about a message I heard from Kent Julian at his Speak it Forward Boot Camp.  The word he used for perseverance was “sticktoitiveness”.  His message was that if you commit to your goal, and sitick to it you will eventually break through that barrier.  However, you got to have sticktoitiveness.


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