Cash Car Convert EP001 –Introduction to Cash Car Convert

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“This is the podcast where cash cars are cool and auto-debt is dangerous to your financial future.”

This was the very first episode Cash Car Convert Podcast hosted by James Kinson. James is the cash car convert who mission is to help and lead people to learn get the benefits of buying cashed cars. james kinson 

In this episode, James presented an introduction of what the show is about, who are the benefactors, and how it could add value to every listener.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

Who is James Kinson?

  • James purchased his first car in cash
  • James’ exposure to high-income people who used credit in buying cars
  • James as a “used-car” buyerJames-with-Trans-Am-4-26-79

How James became a cash car convert

  • James lifestyle of buying and selling cars
  • James felt that at the end of the day, “it was just another car”
  • James story of being in $70,000 credit card debt


James turning point in his financial perspectives The Total Money Make Over

  • When James learned from David Ramsey’s The Total Money Make Over
  • David Ramsey’s advice: “sell the car, buy a beater”
  • James’ passion in helping people buy cars under $5,000
  • When James considered writing a book

What lead James to start his own podcast?

  • James’ got exposed on listening to podcast more often than reading blog postspodcast mike and headphones
  • James started to meet podcasters, got mentored and became inspired to create his own podcast



What to expect from Cash Car Convert Podcastcash car convert box banner

  • James’ share of experiences and life education as a cash car convert
  • James’ tips and how-to’s in buying cash cars
  • Get resources about cars and learn how to utilize them
  • Learn how to buy a better car or a “beater” that’s inexpensive but in a good condition
  • Be inspired from success stories of real people
  • Learn from a “debt-free” success principle



If you can become a cash car convert and kick all the debt on the curve, it’s the one of the best decisions that can change your life.


Additional Tips:

  • If you want to spend less for a car, the more that you have to research.
  • You can start a business when your debt free.




David J Soler –Finding Hidden Referrals

 After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

The primary goal of is to help listeners choose podcasts by providing information before they even listen to an episode. This will help them assess which one will provide them with maximized learning and enjoyment.

The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

David J Soler –Finding Hidden Referrals

relationship and marketing sales podcast banner

In this episode of Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast, host David J. Soler talked about How to Find Hidden Referrals.

David shared good strategies on how to grow referrals for your business. The main key in making this happen is through building good relationships with other business people or companies and serve them by giving the best gift they would want to receive- Referrals!

The principles David tackled in this episode boils down into helping others get their referrals and become fruitful in receiving yours as well!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of knowing what you value most in your business
  • The best gift you can give in business –give someone a referral! referal
    “In the past week, how many people have you referred to other people.”
  • Be intentional in giving others a referral
  • The essence of helping one another in business leads to reaping more referrals


Steps on How to Find Hidden Referrals

  1. Identify the people you do business with people network
  1. Write the names of the people that you refer and want to refer
  1. Ask yourself: Is your network aware of your business and how you’re doing it?
  1. Communicate to your network the value you’re giving and allow them to learn more about you communicating smiley balls
  1. Establish relationships with business people that you trust, interests you and do business with Establish relationships with business people that you currently like, trust and do business with
  1. Map your plan on how to stay connected with your business partners
  1. Keep your business partners updated whenever you refer them Beautiful Businesswoman on a Cellphone in an Office Lobby

How to communicate your intent of partnership and referrals to other people

  • How to communicate your intent of partnership and referrals to other people
  • Why want referrals?
    - Receiving referrals from trusted, experienced and knowledgeable sources eliminates the time consumed in research
  • Ask people and your business partners: Who else do you know that needs the value of our service? Ask people and your business partners
  • Help and serve others by sharing value and services Help and serve others by sharing value and services







Help and serve other businesses by nurturing your relationships with them and refer them to other people. This is how you will help one another grow in your networks and become fruitful in your referrals!


Additional Tips:

  • Most people don’t want to do all the research. We want to find somebody who already did the research.
  • Whoever you are giving work to, you become a referral to them -which is very valuable for them.
  • You don’t need to be pushy, but always let your network know about your business


Starve the Doubts Interview with Ellory Wells

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley with co-host Shey Harms from and, interviewed Ellory Wells!

Ellory is the host of Empowered Podcast and the founder of the leadership blog Ellory was a former full time employee who decided to take the step of becoming a full time entrepreneur.

Ellory’s mission is to help leaders find new leadership strategies and learn new mindsets that will equip them in empowering their teams. Ellory’s expertise are primarily about leadership and personal development. Ellory’s greatest passion is to tap the greatest potentials of every leader that are just waiting to be unleashed!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Hire a virtual assistant or your wife?
    Virtual-Assistant- cartoon
  • Have a taste of HTML in the morning
  • About Mastermind Weekend
  • The people Ellory wants to reach and empower
  • Ellory’s motivation to empower leaders and other people80 20 rule
  • John Maxwell’s 80/20 Rule
  • The re-branding of  Ellory Wells
  • The principle behind personal branding
  • Ellory’s advice for re-branding your domainMake it more personalized
  • Changing perspective
  • Know your true purpose rubrics cube

    “There are ways to make money using the talents and knowledge that you already have. You just may not know what they are.”
  • Stepping into greater possibilities beyond employment
  • How Ellory faced his fears and doubts when he entered his entrepreneurial journey
    “We can’t really destroy the doubts in our lives, but we can starve them.”
  • The meaning of of “Seizing the day”
  • The power of giving pure attention
    attention sign

    “The greatest gift that you can give to someone is the purity of your attention in every moment your with them.”
  • When you become uncertain with your leadership abilities uncertain emoticon
  • The “Do what you’ll say you’ll do.” Attitude
  • Ellory’s blog What’s Next Blogging what's next blogging
  • The most exciting learning for Ellory in starting a podcast
  • Ellory’s take home for entrepreneurs who wants to take their journey towards success
    “You have to choose yourself, you have to put yourself on the driver’s seat.”
  • The interesting people for Ellory



“Nobody is goanna come and give you the gift of success… We have to become the masters of our own destinies, the architects of our own success. Nobody is goanna do that for you… Go out there and take it!”    





ReLaunch EP1: Surviving to Thriving with Tim Sanders “Today We Are Rich!”

relaunch banner

This is the very first episode of Relaunch Podcast! Relaunch is hosted by Joel Boggess, an expert in counseling, psychology, and personal growth. He is also the author of Finding Your Voice. His co-host is Pei Kang, a dentist and a business coach.

The show aims to give listeners fresh ideas, inspiring stories, practical tips, and solutions. Joel and Pei’s first ever guest for the show is no other than “the” Tim Sanders. Tim-Sanders

Tim is today’s one of the most in-demand speaker and author. He wrote the books Saving the World at Work, The Likeability Factor, Love is the Killer App and his most recent number one New York Times bestselling book Today We Are Rich!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Tim’s story when had his own re-launch in life and career
  • Finding the champion in yourself
    champion sillouette
  • Answering the question: What are you not doing at the bottom that you did everyday when you were on top?”
  • Key Habits yielding towards generosity
  • Being a person of service 
    “You cannot be a person of significance if you are not 100% a person of service.” serve
  • Relearning your learning
    -          Going through the relearning process as you enter into transitions
  • Tim’s story on how he relearned his habits
    undo button
  • How to Undo Habits
  • The Law of Leadership Physics - expand more than others are expanding!
  • Books that helped Tim in his re-launch
  • The secret to a quick decision 
    “When you feed your gut enough; you can trust your mind in that moment of crisis which is a moment of opportunities.”
  • The Power of Now
      “I am not my thoughts.”
    the power of now
  • Tim talked about his insights in writing his book Love is the Killer Applove is the killer app
  • A Secret to Business: Promoting the growth and happiness of the person that you love
  • The value of generosity and giving
  • Takeaways of readers from the book of Love is the Killer App
  • Morning Gratitude Exercise – your first minutes when you wake up in the morning
    morning gratitude
    “Gratitude is a mindset, not a feeling.”
  • Tim’s activities in his morning gratitude routine




“We will always go to re-launches. It will never be over. The only way to be successful from those re-launch periods is to continually expand yourself.”   

Additional Tips:

  • Generosity is the only way to get rich.
  • Be very quick to make a decision and slow to undo it.
  • The leader’s role is to define reality.
  • We can’t have fear and gratitude at the same time.



Internet Business Mastery EP213 – A Twitter Strategy that is Authentic, Effective, and Efficient

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

The primary goal of is to help listeners choose podcasts by providing information before they even listen to an episode. This will help them assess which one will provide them with maximized learning and enjoyment.

The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Internet Business Mastery EP213 –A Twitter Strategy that is Authentic, Effective and Efficient

internet business mastery

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, host Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden talked about How to Attract A Loyal Follower on Twitter. 

jason and jeremy IBM

Jeremy and Jason gave meaningful and tested strategies to boost a long lasting quality traffic in your Twitter feed.

They emphasized the importance of building genuine relationships with your Twitter followers and the people you’re following as the secret key to achieving this.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The effect of changing your environment in forming new habits
  • Jason and Jeremy’s story and tips on how to form new habits


  • Why Jason and Jeremy cooled off using Twitter in the past
  • Relationship Engine versus Traffic Enginetweet talk
  • Forming relationships in Twitter
  • Using Twitter FREE – without needing to pay for ads!
  • Forming five meaningful relationships with the influencers in your marketinfluencers
  • Earn your 100 true fans
  • Finding and moving forward with new relationships
  • The power of response
  • Interacting with like-minded people


Four steps for an effective and efficient use of Twitter

  1. Finding the right people target person
  • How to find your fans? – find hyper targeted people
  • How to find the influencers?
  1. Follow people and interact with them follow and interact in twitter
  1. Share great contents consistently share -click image
  • Filter through and share quality content
  • Share quotes, blog posts, tips, and resources tweet vodaphone bird shouting
  1. Engage authentically at least 5-10 minutes a day 
  • Re-tweet and interact with people
  • Be more active in the queue, at least 5-6 times a day
  • The best time to set up your tweets: 8am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 5pm buffer retweet



Internet Business Quick Tip:calendar checked

  • Keep track of your goals.
  • Print out a calendar that you can check out.
  • Be consistent.




Build relationships with at least five “influencers”, get a hundred true fans, and you will have a tremendous impact in your business and life.  


Additional Tips:

  • Mark good reads for your “read-later”





Starve the Doubts EP85 – Ray Edwards – See Things As They Really Are

starve banner In this episode of Starve the Doubts Podcast, host Jared Easley together with co-host Randy Wilburn from interviewed Ray Edwards.

Ray EdwardsRay Edwards is a highly sought after direct response copy writer, specializing in online sales copy and direct sales website. He has written copies for hundreds of different businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Ray is the author of the books Money Words: Easy to Use Copy Writing and Marketing Secrets That Sell Anything to Anyone and Writing Riches:  Learn to How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales, and Master Your Financial Destiny with Results-Based Web Copy.

Learn how to boost profits, increase sales, and master your financial destiny with results-based web copy.


This episode is about:hiding-face-910278-m

  • Ray showing off his secret face more than his public face
  • The difference between “Secret Face” and “Public Face”
  • Is marketing evil?
  • How to simplify things – You must do less! Do Less Achieve More


  • How Ray encouraged himself through life’s adversaries
  • Ray explains: “Beginning with an ended mind.”
  • Seeing through the lens of our experienceslens of experience




  • The most important advice in having a copy writing business.
    It is not a protection for intellectual property.”
    -   Understand and speak in the language of the person you’re trying to persuade. copy writing
  • Ray defines the true meaning of Copy Writing
    -   writing persuasively to sell your product, services, or ideas
  • How to be good in persuasion
  • The Two Primary Motivations
  • Strategies in writing a powerful and persuasive content for your business
  • Ray’s transparency of his faith and how it affected his success
  • The importance of being who you really are
  • Why not please everyone?
  • Ray’s favorite events
  • The keys to hosting a successful eventevent success with confeti falling
    - Commitment to people
    – Figure out the cost of time in preparation of the event. Fill all the seats. Double the cost of time. Breathe and triple the time.
    – Get lots of help!
  • Be a lifelong learner.





Right thinking: “See things as they really are, not better or not worse. Then we can imagine how we want them to be. Then we make them the way we see them.”



  • Jesus Culture and Bethel Church
  • Sony NEX7 Mearless Camera System
  • Book: Writing Riches by Ray Edwards
  • Book: The True Secret of Success by Ray Edwards
  • Tribes – Seth Godin
  • Platform Event – Michael Hyatt
  • Heaven in Business – Andy and Janine (Maysan)
  • The Score Conference
  • New Media Expo
  • Launch –Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner

Additional Tips:

  • “The fastest and easiest way to persuade someone is with what’s already persuading them.” – Tony Robins
  • “To persuade someone, you have to enter the conversation that is already taking place in that person’s mind.” – Robert Collier
  • Most people are motivated by pain than by the promise of their pleasures.
  • When you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.
  •  “The moment that you decide that you know everything, that’s where you’ve chosen to level off.” – Bill Johnson


Podcast of the Month: Social Media Examiner EP58 – A New Direction For Your Business

After having the Podcast of the Week entries for May, we will now reveal the Podcast of the Month!

There were three Podcast of the Week entries last month, and all of them made great contributions in terms of entrepreneurial tips, ideas, and valuable skills for podcast listeners. But still, there will always be one podcast that will stand out.

Every month, we will choose one from the Podcast of the Week entries that we regard as the best podcast episode which will take the place of Podcast of the Month.

For a quick recap, here are the Podcast of the Week entries for the month of May:

Now that the we know which podcasts have landed as Podcast of the Week,  it’s time to announce the Podcast of the Month for May!


The Podcast of the Month winner is:

Social Media Examiner EP58 A New Direction for Business
by Michael Stelzner


This episode of Social Media Examiner focused on awakening the minds of entrepreneurs to have a moment to re-think the ways and strategies in running a successful business.

Michael Stelzner interviewed Tom Martin, the author of the Invisible Sale and founder of Converse Digital. Tom discussed in this episode strategies on how to be on top of the market by using social media platforms effectively .It has become evident that the growth of online industry had made way for companies to increase the market sales using these platforms.

Tom also talked about how entrepreneurs can sell using social media. This includes selling educational content that will add value to people and creating videos to boost the marketing of your products and services through the power of visuals.

Having sales agents for your business, who are not there to buy from you at first, but are enthusiastic in sharing your value to a larger network, is a group of people that you also want to win. In finding prospects, Tom encourages entrepreneurs to seek and build relationships with like-minded prospects not just online but offline as well. These strategies will increase your network and build a stronger market for your sales.

This was definitely an episode deserving of the Podcast of the Month!


Please leave comments regarding what you would like to see on in the future.  

It is our desire to serve you by providing suggestions for the best podcast episodes to digest.  At this time, the podcasts reviewed were leaning more into business focus.  We hope to branch out into other genres at a later date!