Outsourcing, I Only Remember The Good Things, And A Saltwater Buddha

by Hutch


Welcome to the second installment of PodcastTakeAways.com.  Utilizing my time of driving in my truck from place to place, I glean for you the best takeaways from the podcast(s) I have recently enjoyed.

Today, I listened to these three podcasts:


As I queued up the Empire Flippers podcast, I was excited to hear that Chris Ducker of chrisducker.com and Virtual Staff Finder would be interviewed on this podcast.  In this episode they discuss utilizing virtual assistants (VA’s) in the Philippines.  It was exciting to hear about their experience with working with VA’s from there.  I have hired VA’s from this country, and they helped me get work done that I could not get to due to my employment.  My VA’s helped me develop several websites along with research and social media marketing.

The primary takeaway was about the myth of the “Super VA”.  THEY DO NOT EXIST! Chris Ducker reminded entrepreneurs that they needed to hire VA’s for the task and not the role.  By doing so, you will eliminate many frustrations caused when working with them.  Make certain that your first hire is what Chris referred to as a “General VA”.  I went ahead and included a link to a YouTube video where here talks about the different VA types.

The last takeaway from this episode came from publicspeakingman.com on IntelliTheme.  This looks like an exciting theme, and I hope to look into it some more.  Please leave comments if you have experience with it.


The second podcast was 48 Days To The Work You Love with Dan Miller.  He starts off at the beginning talking about Richard Branson’s choice to only remember the good things that happen in his life.  He provided some good food for thought on the subject.  In Dan’s normal format he answers questions that people submit to him before his show.

I came away with two takeaways from this show.

  1. Dan talks about coaching, and he gives some strategies for getting started in this arena.
  2. Dan mentioned Mastermind groups, and he gave a link where he has formulated a document and an mp3 for the reasonable purchase price of $7


In this BlogcastFM episode, Srinivas Rao interviews Jaimal Yogis, author of Saltwater Buddha.  Key features are the commonalities that both of gentlemen have in the terms of surfing and writing.    I have one key takeaway from this interview especially since it stuck out to me so strongly.  Jaimal said that he based his writing times to correspond with his creativity and energy levels throughout the day.  Sometimes of the day were for creative writing while other times were used for editing.

This particular takeaway resonated with me especially as I have begun this journey of writing.  Maybe I will choose to be that structured in my writing someday.

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