My missing cellphone and your success? (The Connection)

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Do you want to know the answer on everyone’s question of how could you live your life on your own terms? This episode of Making Mountains Move by Chuck Morrison, leader of Team Move Mountains, talked about a very interesting thought on how to achieve your long desired success in life.

He told a story of his wife’s missing cellphone and how it relates to finding YOUR SUCCESS—a business lesson and a very powerful concept for life.

Chuck Morrison

For a brief background of the narrative, Chuck had realizations as he and her wife flipped through every area of their house to find the missing cellphone and yet have not gotten the result they eagerly wanted for hours.

Jumping on the final outcome of his search for the iPhone, he found what he was looking for all the while inside the trashcan. However, the real lesson is, Chuck found the keys that will answer the question of how we can achieve our greatest goals in life.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

“I was so determined finding the cellphone which made me look on the same places over and over again but have not found what I have been searching for.” -Chuck

    • If you have done so much, yet results are the same, ask yourself these very IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:
      1.    Where have I looked or which areas have I searched? 
      2.    What have I done or what actions have I not yet considered? search

These two very important questions will allow you to think beyond your present actions that will eventually lead you closer to you goals.

  • We should DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT if we want to reach success.
  • We should ask ourselves questions such as:
    – Why does my life suck? or ironically,
    – Why does success happen so easily to me?
    Then you’ll find evidence from your answers that will step by step direct you to the course you have been searching for and wanting to attain for success.

Chuck was truly determined and serious in achieving his goal. Throughout his search for his wife’s iPhone, he started to ask himself the key questions he learned. Chuck later realized that he hasn’t searched in the trash can yet. lost iphone

“I didn’t want to dig up trash, I was so hesitant.” Chuck said. However, the very place where he didn’t want to go was where he found what he was looking for. — SUCCESS SOMETIMES LIES BEHIND THE MOST UNWANTED AND UNEXPECTED PLACES.

“Every experience in life carries a powerful message where we can learn and grow from. Most of the time, our success can only be found outside of our comfort zones.”


“INSANITY is doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result.”
“REPETITION is the mother of all skill.”
“When you commit to a goal, 90% percent is not enough. You have to give your 100% and do whatever it takes to achieve it.”
“The questions you ask internally will dictate your actions that will then determine your results.”
“Sometimes, the things that we don’t want to do get us the biggest results.”



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